Top 10 Cheapest BMW Cars In The World

BMW means class. Mercedes and Audi can introduce as many sports cars or high performance jeeps, the cars released by British Motor Works just have a charisma that can’t be topped. With their super sleek and yet somehow royal design the cars get in demand as soon as they get released to the public. Even though it is one of the oldest and most expensive brands of cars some of the cars released by the company are friendly on the pocket and demands to be acquired, for BMW is not just a style icon for the rich business but also an excellent performer on the road.

A lot of us have had that one BMW in our bucket list of dreams that we would one day like to race through the streets while the wind dishevels our hair. However, we do not allow ourselves to hope too much in case we crash and burn. But here is a list to solve if not all, then a part of your problems- a list of the top 10 cheap cars of the company, all in one place. Something to be noted is that this list of cheapest BMW cars is not exclusively for 2017; rather this is a compilation 2017 releases.

List of Top 10 Cheapest BMW Cars in The World in 2017:

10. 2015 BMW 5 Series (net value approx. $49000 USD)

2015 BMW 5 Series, Cheapest bmw cars 2017

It has been released first only on 2015 and has been upgraded in 2016. It has an awesome mileage of about 25 mpg and has the potential to be a dream car for a lot of car fanatics out there. It is a strong and efficient car with the profile of a classic sports sedan.

9.2015 BMW Z4 (net value approx. $48000 USD)

2015 BMW Z4 Top 10 most cheapest BMW cars in the World 2018

The Z4 from BMW is a very funky sporty car and is a two seat car. It has an engine of 2l and has a turbo charged four-cylinder with an hp of 335. It accelerates from 0 to 60 mph within 5.5 seconds.

8. 2015 BMW X4 (net value approx. $44000 USD)

2015 BMW X4 fastest and cheapest BMW cars 2017-2018

It is an attention grabbing machine to be put lightly. It has a more suggestive and improved roof line with a new touch pad surface for driver assistance. BMW is also providing choice automatic upgrades to its customers. It is supposed to compete with the Porsche Macan and the Range Rover Evoque and the Lincoln MKC. It is a rather small sport utility vehicle.

7.2015 BMW i3 (net value approx. $42000 USD)

2015 BMW i3 Top cheapest BMWs in the World 2017

The i3 has an updated carbon fibre or aluminium structure and has an extremely impressive acceleration. It has shown a high performance of 0 to 60mph in flat 6 seconds. The battery ad mileage of the improved version is also very impressive.

6. 2016 BMW 3 Series Grand Turismo (net value approx$41000 USD)

2016 BMW 3 Series Grand Turismo , sexiest-cheapest BMW cars

It is the sexiest BMW car and The Grand Turismo almost looks like a station wagon with its tall or wide structure. It is even taller than a normal 3 series sedan. The car also offers a large cargo hold which makes the car perfect for travels.

5. 2015 BMW 4 Series (net value approx. $39000 USD)

2015 BMW 4 Series Top 10 cheapest BMW cars in the World 2017

It is one of the top sexiest cars and classiest BMWs available in this continent. It has very predatory hunkered down stance with a wide range of customization trims and appearances. It is also very sporty and has a wide manual gearbox. It is a 4 door coupe build on the skeleton of a sedan. It has a 4 cylinder turbocharged engine with an hp of 240 and thus is very powerful.

4. 015 BMW X3 (net value approx. $38000 USD)

015 BMW X3 Top most cheapest BMWs in the World 2018

This is a high performance car with sleek looks. It has a non rugged look and is one of the most fuel efficient cars of its genre. It is described as being lean, graceful and pert with a finely detailed comfortable cabin. It also has fuel efficient power trains and alternative diesel options. It has 180hp and has a 2l twin power turbocharged diesel four cylinder engine.

3. 2015 BMW 3 Series (net value approx. $32000 USD)

2015 BMW 3 Series

It is a sport sedan to be exact but the updated version has a lot less coupes and convertible tops so it has lot a little bit of its sporty allure. Satisfied customers have reviewed the car to be on the top of the list due to its strong and efficient power trains, the excellent handling and the elegant cabin ambiance that can only be found in a BMW. It has a 2l turbocharged 4 cylinder engine with an hp of 180. It is the BMW answer to Audi A3 sedan and Mercedes Benz CLA class.

2. 2016 BMW 2 Series (net value approx. $31500 USD)

2016 BMW 2 Series cheapest BMW Cars 2016-2017

The new and improved version of the 2 series is definitely grabbing eyeballs with its sporty exterior and graceful curves which blend together like a dream. It is also longer and more proportionate than the previous versions of the two door super vehicle. The cabin of the car is totally driver centric with instruments and controls to be placed within easy access of the driver. The car has two types of engines available- a 2l turbo 4-cylinder with an hp of 240 and a 3l turbocharged six-cylinder with an hp of 322. But despite the powerful engines, the BMW 2 series has a really good gas intake and mileage or one of the fastest-cheapest BMW Cars in the world.

1. BMW X1 2015 (net value below $31000 USD)

BMW X1 2015 Top most popular cheapest BMWs in the World 2019

The X1 is one of the best selling cars in the world and a family car. It is safe and yet stylish. Built for both regular use and off the road travels it is little less versatile than the rest of the BMWs. It has a turbo 4 x 4 engine and is a smooth 8 speed automatic. It appeals to the rugged traveler in you because of its height and much ‘macho’ exterior. It is one of the most popular cheapest BMW cars available in India. It is has spacious front seats; however the back seat lacks a little legroom.

This list is of cheapest BMWs fanatic who wishes to own one someday. If you are someone like the writer and wish to own a super car someday, take a look at this cheapest BMW cars list and be a little bit smarter about your choice.

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