Top 10 Best Selling Cheapest Cars in The World

In these days as people are getting busier day today, each and every family feels the necessity of having a car. Availing public transport is fine, but when you are in a hurry or in a mood to enjoy a relaxing long drive, you must have wished of a personal car.

Earlier it was tough to choose a car as most of them were expensive. Now the day has changed. Manufacturers have found a way to make cars user-friendly, and cheap with the advancement of technology. Among various types of car ‘coupe’ is one that is either 2 or 4 seater. That is why people belonging from nuclear families will love to buy a cheapest car from the discussed list of Top 10 cheapest cars in 2017.

List of the world’s top 10 best selling and cheapest cars in 2017

10. Honda Civic (Net price $19,885):

Honda Civic, Top cheapest coupe cars in the world 2017

There are four seducing models of Honda Civic among which the LX and LX-P include 158 HP 2.0 litters of 4 cylinders, and the rest have a174HP engine, 1.5 liters 4 turbos. Similarly equipped sedan was left behind in a performance test while the Coupe, Honda Civic nailed a good impression with its pick up points. The owner will feel ease drive the car as the grippy power steering of the car possess appropriate rim thickness.

9. Mazda 2 (Net price $14,990):

Mazda 2, cheapest coupe cars in the world 2018

Though the size is small it is not among the ordinary cars. Mazda 2 uses four aligned Skyactive cylinders and can raise the speed by creating 74 HP energy. The striking KODO-Soul of Motion design of this car has the appearance to keep turning heads on the road. It comes in 9 colors among which anyone you can choose. It was awarded “CAR OF THE YEAR” in Japan and also bagged many awards like Gold Award, Red Dot Design Award, etc.

8. Hyundai Accent (Net price $14,745):

Hyundai Accent, Best Selling Cheapest Coupe Cars 2016

Answers are there for the question- Why you should opt for accent? 123 lb-ft torque and 137 HP is generated by the 1.6-liter eco-efficient engine. For the betterment of the fuel economy, this coupe owns an active ecosystem which makes a remarkable difference with the other coupes. The six perfectly positioned airbags in this car, to protect you from unavoidable accidents. It has a versatile audio system which can be navigated to your favorite playlists and is mounted on the steering wheel.

7. Smart Fortwo (Net price $14,650):

Smart Fortwo Top 10 cheapest coupe cars in the world 2017

If you are in search of a cheap car for two people then this is the best option you have. This 8.8 ft long car is easy to park anywhere. As soon as you start the engine, the performance of the car is shown on the colored screen under the steering. With an 89 HP and 100 lb-ft.torque, it runs like a hungry tiger. That is why driving this car is fun. You can monitor the pressure of the tire on the screen. So, buy it and enjoy the ride with your loved ones.

6. Chevrolet Spark (Net price $14,510):

Chevrolet Spark Top most cheapest coupe cars in the world 2018

Affordable transportation was the primary motive of the makers of chevrolet while this car was made. 98 HP and 94lb-ft torque are produced by the DOHC engine inside of this car. The fuel economy of Chevrolet is 31 mpg and 41mpg while drove inside the city and highway respectively. In spite of looking like a little dweeb it gives you startling comfort. The car is used to get noticed due to its candid colors and glorious beauty.

5. Chevrolet Sonic (Net price $14,345):

Chevrolet Sonic, Best Selling Cheapest Coupe Cars 2016

The stylish Chevrolet Sonic 2016 has a 138 HP engine and fuel capacity of 4 cylinders 1.8 liters and a 1.4-liter optional turbo. Enjoyable to drive this car as on the road it is robust and stronger than other vehicles. If you are concerned about your safety, then be happy to know that it got the highest points from the IIHS for maintaining security.

4. Nissan Versa Note (Net price $14,230):

Nissan Versa Note Top Most popular cheapest coupe cars in the world 2019

It launched with a nice presence of the exterior. The front fascia is redesigned with smoked headlight and a standard chrome accented fog lights. A unique rear spoiler will offer you an aggressive beauty. It consists a 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engine, which generates 109 HP and 107 lb-ft torque.The car moves on 16-inch wheels which are the result of the contrasting combination of precisely machined aluminum and dark graphite touch. The roomy interior comprises of ‘Bluetooth-Hand-Free-Phone’ system, Navigation and mobile apps with a monitor view, heated seats during winter days and many more features.

3. Ford Fiesta (Net price $14,090):

Ford Fiesta, Best Selling Cheapest Coupe Cars 2016

This modern technology approved car has some features which are user-friendly. The 1.6-liter eco boost engine can produce up to 197 HP and torque about 202 lbs-ft. Cool, affordable Ford Fiesta has a hand free calling, voice recognizable apps and the most interesting thing is that riders can listen to their favorite music by saying the name of the song.

2. Mitsubishi Mirage (Net price $12,083):

Mitsubishi Mirage, Best Selling Cheapest Coupe Cars 2017

Mitsubishi is manufactured in Japan in some elegant color which attracts the buyers. The engine produces maximum power of 77 HP and 100 Nm torque. The engine displacement is 1193cc. The anti-locking brake is present as a safety measure. Whenever strangers try to approach the car,Anti-theft alarm makes a sound alert the owner. While buying this car, you can make a down payment of minimum $2373 which is cool. So, this is one of those cars that could be bought without any tension.

1. Nissan Versa (Net price $11,990):

Nissan Versa

The four models of Nissan Versa have almost same engine specifications. The car runs under maximum 109 HP 1.6 l engine capacities. This car is eye catching as well as anti-absorbent to dust. The micro-finished glossy body of the car reduces the tendency of getting scratched.The adjustable power steering system can sense the speed of the car and becomes agile according to that. Manufacturing this model Versa continues to hold their market at the top in the world.

So, hurry up! Visit your nearest showroom, buy a car from the above discussed list and explore the world enjoying beautiful rides with your dream one cheapest cars.

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