Top 10 Best Police Cars in The World

Police officers have a very demanding job and being behind the wheel of a police cruiser is the main one, that may sound like a lazy job but if you think about all of the people who are dumb enough to speed away when being pulled over then maybe you would see it differently. In order for the officer to catch the runaway cars, they need a vehicle that is going to withstand speed so that is what most of them actually got. From Jaguars to Lamborghini’s, our police forces should be able to catch anyone in no time flat if they get the privilege of driving one of these ten cars listed below.

List of Top 10 Best Police Cars in The World 2017

10. Canada- Jaguar S Type

Canada- Jaguar S Type, Top 10 Best Police Cars in The World 2017

This car is known for the rich people who want to drive in style who would have ever thought a cop would be driving it around. It has horsepower up to two hundred and thirty eight. The style is great for a cop to drive around and be able to catch any speeding car. The yellow and blue down the side makes it look like a taxi but do not let that fool you because they go pretty fast and can catch you. Fast car chases rarely happen here but if needed they can be used in a n instant. It has a V6 in it and it shows when being used.

9. Japan- Nissan Skyline GTR


This car is known for its racing ability and can reach high speeds. They drive these things around to show off but also to keep the crimes down and they can get to where they need to be in no time. It is known to have been in the movie The Fast And Furious. When this car reaches the high speeds it will feel like you are flying in the air because it is so smooth missing the bumps and the cracks in the roads.

8. Italian National Polizia Vehicle


Okay number one the style is crazy. The sharp front of the car gives it more speed to make it do what it is suppose to do. All of the races that have happened on the curvy roads has no chance against this car. It was made to get around them with ease. If you are speeding down the road and are trying to get away from this car you have about a one in zero chance of this happening. They was given to the police a prized jewels. It only takes one of these cars to get the job done because you will not get away at any chance in this world.

7. South Africa- Lamborghini Gallardo


All black with just a strip of white makes it so easy to hide in the dark. When they did this upgrade they did something really well because when the say Arrive Alive then you will see this car goes fast but can be safe. Other people may drive this car but when it comes to the police they can still outdo the other ones by a long shot. South Africa only has one of these and is only used when needed but Italy has way more than just one.

6. Australian National Police Vehicles


The red car has a yellow and checkered color going down the side of it also making it look like a simple cab but it is crazy how fast it can go. It is only used by the best because it can be tricky to use. They use this car to protect the cities and the life that lives here. It is an eight supercharged vehicle making it pretty fast and this being that fast makes it very hard for some of the rookie drivers in the police force to even handle. You have to learn to drive this car and make it to being able to keep it straight and do the high speeds also. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Police Cars in The World 2017.

5. United Kingdom Police Vehicles


The police has stepped up their game because of all the gangs on the streets. The McLaren 12C is one of the top vehicles that are being used and are being called the super car. This makes whoever drives them the leader of the pact so they can get the job done faster than others to keep everything under control. You will see the Jaguar XF and the Lexus Exige that can be used daily and can get the job done. They only pull out the big guns when they are really needed. They are all fast cars so do not even think you are going to get past them

4. Germany Police Force Vehicles


The police officers here are the highest trained officers out there. The cars they use in the force are usually have a V12 engine and that means they are very fast. This car is called the Brabus CLS Rocket. It can push maximum speeds in no time and will catch pretty much anyone if they need to. If you are a rich kid and just got a Porsche 911 Carrera and think you will make it past the cops then you are so wrong because they have a car just like this the only difference is theirs is more tuned and juiced than the one you have and will reach faster speeds than you ever thought was possible.

3. United States National Force Vehicles


Yes they have nice cars and they go pretty fast. You will see so many cops having to speed to catch others because the crime rate is so high. They have started low but their cars have made it a lot further. They now have the Charger and Challengers and when someone even thinks of getting further than them then they are so crazy. If you are a crazy person then you will see they also have the SUV’s that they will use with their special dogs to find any kind of drugs that you have hid. The Hummer that is being used for other roads that are harder to get on.

2. Dubai Police Force Vehicle


If you have watched races then you have seen cars like this before. They have a jeep to that they call the Tuk-Tuk. These cars are seen in the Bollywood movies so it is what you would think is really being used. America want to use this car in their force today but have not yet gotten their hands on one. They have one of the best police cars in the world 2017 but they also use the BMW 18. They have such a great set of cars that you never know which one is setting out waiting to catch someone doing something wrong so watch what you are doing at all times.

1. Somerset Police Force


Ariel Atom Formula 1 Car- Well this is no care but they call it a car. The fact that it is an open car makes you think that they can not catch speeds that fast. You are wrong cause the smaller it is the faster it can go. They have this small car and then they have bikes that they will use if they are needed. It also has a racing style car that will kick some butt on the roads.Going as fast as sixty in two point five seconds and no slowing down till they have caught and stopped the person who is doing wrong.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best Police Cars in The World 2017. When they qualify for getting behind the wheel of one of the above cars, that must mean that the officer has done a tremendous job in his career. Any police officer that chooses to work in that field deserves to be applauded because not only is it dangerous because of the car chases or gun showdowns but the job also takes them away from home for a lot of hours. That causes them to miss important moments if they have children. So be sure to respect your officers that take caure of you hometown because without them, where would all the criminals be? Not behind bars where they belong that is for sure.

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