Top 10 Ugliest Animals on The Planet Earth

We have all see that one animal that we just do not know how someone can own something so ugly. Well this list will have you thinking that other animal is pretty and cute compared to some of the ones on this list. Some are bold others have big noses and no need to talk about all the other ugly things that are going on. Some are lazy and will do nothing all day. But on the same hand they may be able to jump really high. I have to say the blobfish is the ugliest and it looks really nasty and looks like something that is made up.

List of Top 10 Ugliest Animals on The Planet Earth in 2017

10. Proboscis Monkey

Proboscis Monkey Top Popular Ugliest Animals on The Planet Earth 2019

The face on this thing is so ugly. The nose is big and makes up most of the face. It has fur around the face that just makes it that much more worse. They are going extinct so that puts them on the endangered list no matter how ugly the thing is. The nose will grow and the color of the fur will change. They eat mainly seeds, leaves and sometimes they eat insects so they can survive. The population just keeps dropping and making it worse on the species. When they are born they have a blue face and a tiny nos but they grow up and this is what happens.

9. Warthog


This animal is a type of pig and even though pigs do not look like this it does making it one of the ugliest. Bald with little hair that is thick. Their snouts are really tough and they have a head that is flat. When it comes to the males they use their hard heads tobash against each other and try to cause damage to the other one. They usually eat grass and plants and dig up the roots with their snouts. They may be ugly but they can live without water for a while, even in the dry areas.

8. Chinese Crested Dog

Chinese Crested Dog Top Most Famous Ugliest Animals on The Planet Earth 2018

This dog is hairless. It will remind you of a toy dog. They will stay in bed for hours and not move even a little bit. They can feel what you are feeling so if you are sad they will know and try to help you. They are lazy and hate going outside like other dogs. They can jump really high even though they are not that active. They like to be social with the other kind in their species. They are number eight on the ugliest animals.

7. Turkey Vulture


On the top of their heads they have little tiny black hairs that stand up and make them look even worse than they already are. It has a huge beak which is used for their food to be ripped apart. They use their smell so they can find the dead animals on the ground. They will fly around something that is living and wait for it to die so they can feed When they are looking for food they will fly close to the ground to catch the stench and then they get what they want and are done in no time.

6. Star Nosed Mole


This is a mole that has a nose shaped like a star and that is where the name is from. The nose it the most unique in the animal kingdom. They live in water most of the time. They sometimes leave the water to dig tunnels but they also have to find food in which they use their nose to do. The nose looks more like a huge spider to me and it looks wet. I do not know what i would do if i found this animal near my home or even just out and about they seem like they make weird noises because of the nose.

5. Aye-Aye


It is not only one of the ugliest little things that you may have seen but they have weird traits too. They will only appear in the night time and have really big ears. Madagascar is the only place that you will see these things and its body along with the tail are wrapped up in a brown colored fur, that can be black sometimes as well. There will be one layer of white hair on it too. The big ears that they are given seem to be sensitive so that is the reason they have very good hearing too. Their fingers are really boney and have very sharp claws on them.

4. Monkfish


This is another ugly animal that a lot of people would not end up touching. People also do not like to eat these just because of how they look. But that did not stop chefs from finding out that even though it is truly ugly, it does not affect the taste at all. The heads are very large and completely full of teeth that are razor sharp.

3. Horseshoe Bat


The face on this thing looks way more like a human ear than what it does an actual face. Sounds make them responsive and these things will be able to be found in regions that are more tropical and temperate. Most of the time these will be brown but on some very rare occasions they can be red. It is very small and weighs about one ounce so it is not very big at all.

2. Red-lipped Batfish


These are found more in the Galapagos Islands and also close to Peru. Most of the time if you are diving that is when you will get to see one of these fish but you have to be deeper than one hundred feet but they actually are rare too. There has been some scientist say that the red lips are there to attract the male fish. These do not get any longer than forty centimeters long.

1. Blobfish


This is the ugliest animal and is made from some material that looks and feels like jelly which is the reason these are able to float in the water. They live in water as deep as 1189 feet which is where pressure is one hundred and eighteen times more than what it is at the sea level.

These above are the Top 10 Ugliest Animals on The Planet Earth 2017. Animals are part of this earth and some of the best creatures ever created but even though we do have some that are just very pretty, ugly one do actually exist too. This list of ugliest animals has come together and been researched but if you are more interested in finding out some more information about of the ugly things then just google them and read about each one, they are all very weird.

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