Top 10 Strange Animals In The World

A lot of people never think of all the animals that are out there but trust me there is plenty you have probably never heard of, at least you have not paid enough attention to know anything about some of the strange ones. They may look funny but they are actually quite intriguing to learn about.

List of Top 10 Strange Animals In The World in 2017

10. Silkie

silkie, Top 10 Strange Animals In The World 2017

This is a type of chicken that has fluffy hair that many people have said feels just like silk, hence the name. It also has a lot of other qualities that are unusual about it as well such as skin that is black, flesh, bones, it’s earlobes are blue, and on each foot the silkie has five toes. Most of the time you will see these in a poultry show. There are different colored ones that you are able to obtain. They are so cute and worth taking time to see if you ever get the chance.

9. Sunda Flying Lemur


Even though it has the name of one, it is not actually a lemur because it does not fly. What this does do is glide from one tree to the other and is only active during the night hours, kind of like a bat. It eats only soft plant parts like the leaves, shoots, flowers, or fruits. Climbing is the main skill this animal has but if it ever gets on the ground they are pretty much useless. You are only going to find these in Southeast Asia in parts like Indonesia, Malaysia, or Singapore.

8. Dhole

dhole, Top 10 Strange Animals In The World 2018

This is an extremely social animal and only lives in big packs that will every so often split up into smaller groups so they can hunt for food. It is also called an asiatic wild dog or an Indian wild dog since that is what they look like. The prey they tend to search out are mainly ungulates that are a moderate size. The way they do this is by wearing the prey out by chasing it for long periods of time then kill them by disemboweling it. These animals will attack large animals like buffalo’s or tigers but they are very scared of humans.

7. Markhor


Find one of these in Afghanistan, Pakistan, or places surrounding those areas. It is in the category of a goat just much larger than the normal sized one. This one has been listed as endangered since there is less than twenty-five hundred mature ones. They are capable of killing a snake and then will eat it for nourishment of their bodies. Pakistan has this lovely animal listed for their national animal.

6. Snub-nosed Monkey


They live in different parts of Asia and categorized in the group of Old World monkeys. Their names came about because of how the noses look more like a stump on the round faces of theirs. The nostrils are placed directly in the front so you will see everything in there quite easily. The fur on them is different colors sometimes and long which is mostly at the shoulders where it is the longest and their backs. The largest they become is only fifty-five to ninety-seven centimeters tall.

5. Raccoon Dog


A native species in Asia. they enjoy having a mate or a friend near by at all times.they live in groups or pairs. The males play the roles of the father. They bring the food for the pregnant mothers and help to raise the young. People kill them for their fur in China and Finland. Their fur will confuse a person as fake or a different species. It is a unique dog. It named because of the face of a raccoon they have. They climb trees really well and do it on a regular basis. This is one amongst the Top 10 Strange Animals In The World 2017.

4. Maned Wolf


They endangered in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and in a few other places. They are the largest canine species in South America. It resembles a red fox. It has really long legs. They stand about three feet high and weigh about fifty pounds. Their coats are long and golden red. They have ears that are large and about seven inches long. They pounce on their prey so it is easier for them to get food this way. Stalking the prey makes them very fast to when they have to jump and kill the food. The species is threatened by hunters and habitat loss.

3. Gerenuk


This animal does not have to have water all the time so they can take long journeys without having to search for it. They can be born at any time of the year. Mothers fall pregnant about six and half to seven months after having the baby. They can have up to four babies a year. The males are very territorial and defend their land by driving away any intruders. They use their horns to fight and clash them together to fight each other. Looks like an antelope so you will need to look very closely when you see one.

2. Amazonian Royal Flycatcher


The feathers on the tops of their heads can be different colors. You will be able to tell this bird apart from others because of the bright colors on the head. They live in warmest forest. They eat small insects and love to stay in the breeding area because of the weather. Both male and female have the feathers on top of their heads so you really can not tell them apart that easily.

1. Zebra Duiker


They have around twelve to sixteen stripes on them and this is how you will be able to tell the species. They can only have one baby at a time. It only takes ninety five days for the baby to wean from the mother and be able to go find their own foods. You will rarely see it in the wild it is shy and will hide from you. If you see one then you are very lucky and you might want to take a picture if you are fast enough.

These above are the Top 10 Strange Animals In The World 2017. These weird animals may look like other animals but you will see that they are their own species. They enjoy different things and can be hunted. They are just trying to live their lives like all other animals. They are beautiful and very well enjoyed by others. Do your research and find out what each one is dealing with to learn how they live and try to survive in the wild.

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