Top 10 Smartest Animals Breeds in The World

These animals are very smart. Who thought an animal could be so smart. They can do some things we never thought they could. The fact that they are animals makes it weird already but if you pay close attention you will realize they are very smart. They have feelings and can cry just like us. If you do not believe me just search it and find out yourself. It is all true they can learn things as long as you teach them how it works and what it does. They will do it once and remember it the next time you tell them. It may be harder for certain ones to follow instructions but some can be hard headed. These ten animals are the smartest in the world today.

List of Top 10 Smartest Animals Breeds in The World in 2017

10. Pigeons

pigeons, Top 10 Smartest Animals Breeds in The World 2017

When you hear about history you will sometimes hear that a pigeon was used to take a message to another person. Well it is true they really did this. They delivered messages on battlefields and helped Romeo and Juliet when they needed to send messages. Pigeons were pretty much used as the postmaster. They can remember locations that they have visited. They can also remember faces of people and not forget one of them.

9. Baboons

baboons, Top 10 Smartest Animals Breeds in The World 2017

They are in the primate group. They are similar to the chimps and orangutans. The behave pretty much just like a human. the y learn to cope with stress after they identify it. They create social systems. They can figure out a solution for a difficult situation. the y are very good at stealing things. They will make a plan to steal something and go through with it with no troubles of getting caught.

8. Dolphins


Their body mass is the largest to a brain ratio. They have the largest brain in the animal kingdom. They are very friendly and are the smartest. They can learn how to play games and can talk with humans with signs and their body language. If you tell them what to do they will listen if they have been trained. When they are happy they make sounds.they feel just like us and get emotional if something happens. If a dolphin looks in the mirror it is believed they can recognize themselves.

7. Dogs


A man’s best friend. They are loyal animal in the world. They would rather die themselves than to see their owner get hurt or die. Train them correctly and they will obey your every word. They can be used in the army and the police force. If you are in danger your dog will sense and help you. This is why they bark if danger is near it is a sense they have. As long as you are good to them they will do you right.

6. Squirrels


Small and cute and can live in domestic and the wild. They are not related to humans. They do not act like us in any way. When it comes to them needing food they know what they are doing. They will store the food in their mouths and that is what makes them smart. It is said they have great memories because they will bury their food and still know where it is when they come back to it the next day or even a week later.

5. Octopuses


These may be some of the weirdest looking animals but they extremely good predators. They can act just like any environment by changing colors when they need to hide from another predator. The octopus is also capable of becoming a predator to their own predator which means they can eat the animal that is wanting to eat them. That is actually pretty amazing and great for them since they will be able to save their own life without the help of someone or something else. This is one amongst the Top 10 Smartest Animals Breeds in The World 2017.

4. Pigs


Many people say that these cute little animals are dumb but the is very wrong considering they are actually quite smart with their brain being equivalent to a child that is three years old. They have emotions and feelings just like us humans and will cry while being sad. Every day they can learn something new and will retain the information for good. When it comes to stress that is in their environment, these animals are able to cope just as we would.

3. Rhesus Monkeys


These are a group of very smart monkeys since they are able to mock the human acts and be just like us. They are also capable of making a difficult structure but also act in regards to their post. When it comes to things that have hard coverings these little animals will have the ability to bust it open by using a heavy stone so you better keep big rocks away from them. When it comes to attacking they usually do that in big groups after they have planned the attack very well first.

2. Orangutans


They have the brain capacity that is just like a 3 year old kid and are able to copy a human’s actions without a lot of trouble. They can learn how to play games and new skills like using hammers and nails so that it can build something. When it comes to understanding their surroundings, these beauties can do that way better than any of the other animals out there. Also, these are capable of adapting to new skills being learned in an environment that changes a lot. They are kind of like the chimpanzee but also have a unique quality about themselves.

1. Chimpanzees


They are suppose to be the world’s smartest animal and since they look like us humans and also act like us, that is not far fetched with the intelligence accusations. This species have the ability to think like a human and they can learn many new things just like we can. Some of them are even able to do math problems and play harder games. The chimpanzee can be trained to have a mind of a five year old child and because of that brain capacity, they are classified as the smartest animal breeds 2017.

So, these above are the Top 10 Smartest Animals Breeds in The World 2017. Even though some of us never think that animals are that smart, we are actually quite wrong as you see above. All of the different types of animals on this list have a brain that is intelligent in its own way and with how some of them can be trained to think a lot faster and better that just means they would make a great pet, if you could take care of it.

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