Top 10 Slowest Animals in The World

A lot of people already know what the fastest animals are like the cheetah but no one ever really discusses what the slowest ones are. Listed below are the ten absolute slowest animals on this earth. Some could be dangerous but others are actually quite calm. As long as the person does not disturb the animals habitat then they should be perfectly fine.

List of Top 10 Slowest Animals in The World in 2017

10. Manatee

Manatee Top Famous Slowest Animals In The World 2019

These are some of the cutest animals that live in the sea and even though they have flippers they do not use them very often. They will stay in the shallow parts of water and just float and do not go over the speed of five miles per hour. Sometimes they are known as a sea cow because of how big they are. In length they get to about thirteen feet and weigh about thirteen hundred pounds. The manatee eats on plants just like a cow but their plants are water sourced from tropical seas.

9. Gila Monster

Gila Monster Top Most Famous Slowest Animals In The World 2018

It is based in Australia and will stay right where it is in order to save its energy. They get to about two feet long and are a venomous creature. But, they have a sluggish type of nature which makes them no threat to a human at all. In Arizona they are suppose to be a protected animal but they do get killed sometimes because of the reputation they have.

8. Nematodes

Nematodes Top Popular Slowest Animals In The World 2019

These small animals that are very slow eat on bacteria. They Are so slow that they have to wait for their food to come to them. They look like small worms and would starve if they did not think quickly about where their food is coming from. They are a tanish brown color and you would not be able to see them because of the fact that they are so small and they do not move so they blend in.

7. Seahorse

Seahorse Top 10 Slowest Animals In The World

This animal lives underwater and only goes point five miles per hour. They are a weird species. The male species of this animal are the only one that carries the offspring around in his stomach. The woman will rub against the male to transfer the eggs to him so he can take care of them while the female does all the work of trying to find all the food. They may look weird to some people but to me they are pretty unique.

6. Slug


Only going about point two miles each hour makes them very slow. They use the slime from their bodies to move so they leave a trail behind them. If you pick them up you will feel the nasty slike on your hands. If they ever get salt poured on them they tend to swell and die because it dries them out. If you get the slime on your hands you can not wash it off with water because it is made of some type of water. This is one amongst the Top 10 Slowest Animals in The World 2017.

5. Koala Bear


You can find these cute animals in the coastal parts in the eastern and the southern places such as South Australia and Victoria. People will know what the animal is by the look of its mouth area and the body that has no tail. Also, they have a big head that has ears with fluffy hair on them. The nose is big and shaped kind of like a spoon. The maximum weight that this beautiful animal reaches is about thirty-three pounds and the smallest being about nine pounds.

4. Giant Tortoise


This giant animal moves very slowly and can not get many places very fast. They more slide across the ground than walk. They will push their bodies so they can get around easier. The heavy shell protects them and they are very endangered. Some of them have been harmed during people fishing because they will kill them and eat them. If you are caught doing this then you will get in trouble by the police and can be fined a lot of money.

3. Garden Snail


In some areas of the world, a snail is used as a food but it is considered to be a pest also. You can find them after a rain has came or around nightfall. If it is really hot weather, these little creatures will stay in hiding. Suburban areas can find them on the yard or the flower area of their home after their sprinklers have watered down the particular area. With the adult snails they have a really hard shell and it can be of different colors. Most of the time though, you will see them in the colors of dark brown, a chestnut color with stripes that are yellow, and then there is the ones that are a brown and gold color. The body will be soft but slimy feeling and they will go back into their shell if they feel threatened.

2. Starfish


They look like a star hence the name starfish. They live underwater and can be kept inside a fish tank. They only move a mere point zero six miles per hour and have suction cups on the legs. Sometimes they just let the current pull them so they can get further down the river and can find more food. If you have one then you will see they move around a tank with the suction cups on their legs.

1. Three-toed Sloth


One thing some people do not know about the sloth is that it can swim in water. They go slower than any animal on this earth. They use their pays to climb trees. They are cute to some people and can be found mainly in trees. They have cute little faces and if you see one that is in danger you need to call the animal police so they can place it back in its habitat so they can survive longer.

These are the slowest animals in the world 2017. If you look up videos you will see that they do move slow and can be very cute at times. Some are found pretty much anywhere and some can be found under water. If you can find any of them you will see that they move as fast as they can and try hard to find food. These unique animals have their own way of getting food or moving along. Some use their environment to move and others just stay in place so they do not have to work as hard.

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