Ten Most Ugliest Dog Breeds In The World

There are many dog breeds that originate from different parts of this world. Some are good looking and beautiful while others are ugly and not pleasing at all. You will find out that in most cases, tourists are the most attracted people to see these breeds. In our case however, we are going to look at ugly dog breed worldwide. It is always good to look at negative part of some issues. Ten of these breeds are discussed below with plenty of information.

10. Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier

This breed of a dog is one of ugliest worldwide. It is small in size and originates from Bedlington, Northumberland in North Eastern parts of England. This dog was named after this small and mining town of England. Many features of this animal are not always pleasing to various people from different parts of this country. A lot of fur accumulates at head area and forms something that is called Topknot. This feature is part of what make Bedlington ugly.

9. Komondor


Komondor is another breed of a dog that is very ugly according to history of this amazing universe. It is equipped with a lot of fur that looks like a burden to the dog itself. You will find most families shaving this fur for hygiene purposes but that do not make it beautiful at all. Some people confuse this breed with sheep but it is extremely dirty than even pigs. Most of them are born with white coats but later on they may change to cream according to different weather conditions.

8. Puli


Puli is rated in eighth position of this article. It is amongst ugliest breeds featured in world history. It is medium in size and mostly black in color. Puli is another ugly breed that has large quantity of black fur in its body. This is not pleasing at all. Some of its coat has developed tight curls that appear like human dreadlocks especially when in far distance. In order to keep this dog neat, there are several activities that need to be done. Some of these activities are grooming and shaping of coat.

7. American Staghound

American Staghound Top Most Popular Ugliest Dog Breeds in The World in 2018

On seventh position of this article is American Staghound. This breed of a dog originates from United States of America and is not common to many continents such as Africa, Asia and Europe. Unlike other breeds featured above in this article, American Staghound does not have large quantities of fur as coat. However, this feature does not make it beautiful at all. It is still ugly and not good to look at. Staghound has an elongated body which is scaring at some point. Some people might even confuse it with a dangerous wild animal. Most of them are body brown in color but you will meet black ones in rare cases.

6. Peruvian Inca Orchid

Peruvian Inca Orchid

Peruvian Inca Orchid cannot be omitted in this list of ugliest dog breeds from various parts of this world. There is little fur in its body ad this contributes a lot to its ugly looking nature hence featured in this article. This breed originates from Peruvian Pre Inca Cultures ad was named after this town. Many people do not love its hairless condition at all. However, some parts of its body have hair. These parts are head, legs and many others.

5. Irish Wolfhound


Irish wolfhound is rated in fifth position and is amongst ugly dogs worldwide. Most of its physical features are not pleasant at all and this is according to many people’ comments that stay around it. Much fur of this breed of dog is normally found in legs, shoulders and neck area. Most of them are born with ugly colors. Some of these colors are grey and black. Origin of this ugly animal is Ireland and is not common in many other countries. People that see it for first time are always scared to look at it for second time.

4. American Hairless Terrier

American Hairless Terrier Top Most Famous Ugliest Dog Breeds in The World in 2017

This breed originates from United States of America and is amongst ugly ones rated in fourth position of this article. It was derived from Rat Terrier which is a popular variant that we all know. You will not miss to identify this breed. It is hairless and black in color. Some of them have black and brown sports. America is bad looking but intelligent energetic and always curious of some events.

3. Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon

It is of much importance that we learn about this other ugly breed of a dog popularly known as Brussels Grifton. It is rated in third position in this article of ugliest dog breeds in the world. Some people confuse this animal with a big cat. The ugly part of Brussels Grifton is mouth area which contains much fur and ugly eyes. Some other ugly parts are nose and tail. This breed is not pleasant at all manners.

2. Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested

From the mention of this title, we can confidently conclude that this ugly dog breed is from china hence named after this popular country. Unlike other breed that have a lot of four in their bodies, Chinese Crested have little fur which accumulates around neck area. Its color cannot even be defined. Some have white and black sports while others are beige. Most of them are medium and small in size.

1. Xoloitzcuintli


This breed is not common to many people but is raked in first position of this article. It is amongst ugly dogs that people have truly come across worldwide. This animal has its origin from Mexico in United States of America ad is rarely seen in other countries. Xoloitzcuintli dog breeds are born in various sizes such as Standard, Toy and miniatures. None of these sizes is pleasing to many people out there. They are born with ugly colors. Tourists pay to see them not because they are beautiful but ugly.

This article is of much importance to many readers out there. It has equipped many people with required information about ugly breeds of dogs worldwide. These breeds hail from various parts of this world and are rarely seen in some other countries.

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