Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals In The World

There are many clever and intelligent animals worldwide. These creatures have ability to learn from their parents and surroundings. Watching them play and engage in different activities is very interesting. In our article today, we are going to venture mostly on 10 most intelligent creatures worldwide. I am sure that you will enjoy going through various animals listed below. Read carefully and understand each creature that has been clearly narrated below.

List of Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals In The World in 2017

10. Ant

ant, Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals In The World 2017

Ant is amongst smallest animal in animal category. It is doest have large brains because of its size but have high thinking capacity than other large animals. There are more than 2 million ants on earth but come from 12000 different species. This small animal behaves intelligently and engages itself in fungus farming. It started farming even before human beings could think of cultivating their big farms. When people refer to hardworking nature, they normally talk of ants. They can travel for long distance with their young ones.

9. Crow


This is a bird species of a creature found in different parts of this universe. Crow is said to have more courage than other animals and does not fear human beings at all. Tricks of this bird always put human beings in trouble. Its way of finding food is through intelligence and not hard work. This species can be confused with that of a parrot but some of their behaviors slightly differ. Crow eats chicks or simply young one of chicken. A group of this bird always comes to pick their prey at a high speed. What amazes me most is that they can recognize human faces.

8. Otters


This animal is not common to many people but has been featured in eighth position of this article. It is amongst world intelligent animals featured in this list. Otter is a small but intelligent marine animal. Many people have confused it with cats because of its playful in nature. Many years back, otter used items like rocks to obtain food from waters. Some of these foods include small fish and crabs. Other intelligent activities include sensing and catching of predators in different position of water bodies.

7. Pig


Pigs are common and intelligent animals to many people. At least every country owns pigs worldwide expect for Christian and Muslim homes that do not keep them because of religious reasons. Some of their observed characteristics include playful, social, intelligent and powerful than any other animal featured in this article of most intelligent animal worldwide. They always walk and sleep together just like human beings. You will notice them communicating using their body parts using a language that is understood by themselves. Pigs can trace their homes from far.

6. Octopus


Octopus is another intelligent animal featured in this list and is normally found in sea, oceans and other largest water bodies. This creature can sense and when enemy is around. Something you did not know is that octopus can predict things when in a divided path. It has been used in many games such as world cup (2011). During this time, octopus predicted of winning team and miraculously it came true. Their young ones are able to learn behaviors around them very fast. Sometimes people do not fully understand the shape of this sea creature. It can change to several shapes within a short period.

5. Dog


We all know about dogs. They are intelligent domestic animals. They are one amongst the Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals In The World 2017. Dogs are said to be close companions of human beings and their work it or to protect their bosses. These animals have lifespan of 12 to 15 years and take a maximum of two complete years to attain fully maturity age. This is when they start behaving intelligently. Dogs are said to be fast learners ad have highest level of understanding. Their ability to locate homes from far distances amazes many people. Police officers use this creature when they need to locate direction of any lost item or criminal.

4. Whale


A whale is a kind of fish that resemble dolphin and normally found in large water bodies such as oceans, seas and large lake. This creature has been spotted in oceans such as Indian ad pacific. Some of its observed characteristic is unique communication techniques when swimming together, imitating and ability to run away from danger. Materials that have been collected from research show that sperm whales are more intelligent than all other creatures on earth. They are always spotted swimming together and hunting together as a large group. Whales get their food out of intelligence nature.

3. Elephant


On third position of this article is elephant. This animal is amongst largest wild creatures worldwide. Size of elephants normally scares many people. It has been ranked in this position as one of intelligent animal. This is true because elephant has ability to learn from environment and are social. Some other important features to note about them are playful, sorrowful and joyful. Sometimes you will find them using unique tools to find food.

2. Dolphin


Dolphin is in second position of this article. It is a type of fish well known by many people because of anger. Dolphins are sea creatures. They are normally sweet but intelligent fishermen have confirmed that it is always hard to capture this creature for food. Dolphins have ability to sense and move from danger. They are normally found in most larges water bodies such as oceans and lakes.

1. Great ape


On top position of this article is Great ape. This animal looks like an old person when observed from a far distance. It belongs to a family of monkeys, gorillas and chimpanzee. It uses its hands to pluck ad eat food just like human beings. When in groups, their communication power is great ad pleases many people.

Above are Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals In The World 2017. These creatures are found in specific parts of this universe. Some of them are wild animals like elephants while others are domestic creatures like dogs. Their characters have been clearly featured in this list.

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