Top 10 Most Beautiful Expensive Pets in The World

Pets these are mans companion they are brought up for a person’s protection, as a companion brother or the relation is just of love, for animals. The most used or popular pets are dogs, cats, rabbits, parrot etc. Pets have the power to solve various mental and physical problems. In unites states 75.8 percent of the population owns a pet.

Patients who are mentally or physically retarded sometimes undergo pet therapy which is very effective. Animals or pets were the best friend or human being since ages. Here we are listing some of the most expensive pets in the world. Here is the list of the ten most expensive pets are.

List of the Top 10 most expensive pets in 2017:

10. Hyacinth Macaw (Price $20,000)

Hyacinth Macaw, Most Beautiful Expensive Pets 2016

This parrot is a native of South and Central America. It is the longest parrot present in the world. The measurement of the parrot shows that it has a length of 100cm which is 3.3ft. This is an endangered species as pet business has taken a toll on this wild species, but there a huge population of this parrot as pet. The natural special features possessed by this parrot and the low availability of this bird are what makes them expensive pet.

9. Savannah Cats (Price $25,000)

Savannah Cats, Most Beautiful Expensive Pets 2017

A hybrid is a cat which is the apt word to describe a savannah cat. It has qualities of several cat breeds. Unlike other cats savannah cats are not feared or enemies of dogs but in fact they are too close to dogs. If Want a dog and as well as a cat then you can buy this cat and keep it with your dog. Its social and intellectual abilities are what make it an expensive cat. But it is worth its cost and there are several breeds of savannah cats.

8. German Shephard (Alsatian) (Price $30,000)

German Shephard, Most Beautiful Expensive Pets 2018

German shepherd is a working dog. They are tough and heavy dogs. In Britain these dogs are called Alsatian. These dogs are used by bomb squads and defence securities as smell dogs cause they are efficient when given training and have high smelling capacity. They are the most preferred dog as they can be used for multiple tasks such as a support for disabled person as a watch dog for safety and many more. Its obedience, train-ability and demand are the reason for its high price but it is worth more than its price.

7. Lavender Albino Ball Python (Price $40,000)

Lavender Albino Ball Python, Most Beautiful Expensive Pets 2019

This is one of the most expensive snakes. And as a pet some may hesitate but many are in love with this python. Lavender Albion Ball Python has become a famous among expensive pet because of its body colour which has yellowish spots over lavender skin. If you have immense believe on snake god and is planning to have a snake as pet then this python is for you as its cost is less than what it is worth for.

6. Chimpanzees (Price $60,000)

Chimpanzees, Most Beautiful Expensive Pets 2017

Chimpanzee is the animals who could not evolve as the human. It is said that human beings are an evolution of apes. Due to this human beings have a huge affection towards chimpanzees. Chimpanzee is nowadays largely used as pets. They are considered to be the most intelligent animal. The intelligence and its resemblance and human like behaviours are the reason for it high cost. You can keep them as a pet if you feel the lack of a companion.

5. White Bengal Tigers (Price $100,000)

White Bengal Tigers Tuna, Most Beautiful Expensive Pets 2018

One of the most endangered species white tiger. The selling of endangered wild animal as pet is illegal. The white body with black strap which is similar to zebra is eye catchy. The movement of its leg muscles when it walks is a delight to eyes. Keeping a white tiger at home as a pet, will give you the feel of a king. If the feeling of king is loved by you then this is the pet you are in search of.

4. Arabian Horse (Price $100,000)

Arabian Horse, Most Beautiful Expensive Pets 2019

Arabian horse, it exactly looks like imaginary horses that we see in images. Arabian horse one of the most beautiful horses in the world. The tail of this is ground touching which is eye catchy. Horses were always a love of human beings. They are also known for their endurance and speed. This is the reason they’re one of the most expensive pet. If you are in love with horse riding, then this pet is for you.

3. White Lion Cubs (Price $138,000)

White Lion Cubs, Most Beautiful Expensive Pets 2017

White lion cubs are the rarest species ever found on earth. These animals are endangered and one of the animals which has to be protected. They are not categorized into pets which are bread for working or any other speculative purpose. These animals are highly expensive and they are bread just to show how rich a person is.

2. Ram (Price $352,000)

Ram, Most Beautiful Expensive Pets 2016

How a ram can be a pet? We were also thinking the same. But ram is one of the most expensive pet in the world. It has become such an expensive pet in the year 2009. The ram is sold for more than the price of white lion cubs. According to Texel sheep society ram is considered as one of the elite animals. This is the reason why ram is bread as pet by rich people over the world.

1. Pacific Bluefin Tuna (Price $8000 per kg)

Pacific Bluefin, Most Beautiful Expensive Pets 2017

We never thought about such a pet. Aquariums with decorative fishes are kept at home but a large single wish as pet is a bit shocking. But this fish other elite pet which people bread to show richness. This fish was purchased for $1.8 million at a Japanese market. But we would suggest that such endangered species should not be sold or bought as pets.

If you try to count how many animals are there in the world then it would be tough. Animal lover are immense in the world and most of the people love to have a pet. But endangered animals and elite animals as pet are just to show off richness of a person and they are ready to pay a lot of money to possess these animals. This is the reason that these animals are one of the most expensive pets in the world.

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  1. Ok, one thing about this list is off, which makes me think this whole list is BS. The lavender albino ball python is not $40,000. They start at about $300, for a hatchling. And the picture isn’t even a ball python?! It’s a lavender albino reticulated python. That’s… a pretty big error.

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