Top 10 Most Expensive Pets in The World

These are some very expensive pets to be buying. One can not be bought but the list tells you how much it would be if you could have them. Do not take these animals as being to high because they are very well worth every single penny you pay. Do your research so you will be able to tell which ones would be easier to take care of.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Pets in The World in 2017

10. Hyacinth Macaw

hyacinth macaw, Top 10 Most Expensive Pets in The World 2017

They can eat hard foods because their beaks are so hard and can crack them open. You will pay at least fourteen thousand dollars just to have one and the food they need will keep you spending. It takes time to care for them and they will attach to one person so they have a mate. It is the largest parrot in the world and they are so beautiful. Take your time and know that you will have the time and patients to take care of one before even thinking of buying one. They have to have a lot of space so they do not feel trapped.

9. White Lion Cubs


A baby lion that will have you on your feet with how much they play. Yes it sounds crazy to have one of these as a pet but people do it every day. It is a rare species that has a gene mutation and that is why they are so white. They have high value because of being rare and will cost around a hundred and thirty eight thousand dollars. They grow bigger but the cubs are so cute when they run around and play like a dog. They will need a lot of attention and have to be treated like a baby.

8. Lavender Albino Ball Python


Who ever thought of having this big boy as a pet must love snakes. It is one of the highest costing snakes you can buy costing you forty thousand dollars just to buy. You will need certain food for them and they do as they please. Roaming your home whenever they like because they are so big they think they are boss. The yellow color will stand out to you and make you want them that much more.

7. Pacific Bluefin Tuna


This fish is one that you will need a large tank for. This fish can be killed so that it can be eaten. But that makes it that much more expensive. If you catch and sale the fish it is worth at least one point eight million dollars. It is worth eight thousand a kilogram. If you want this fish you better hope you get to it before someone else does because they do not come around very much without them being killed.

6. Savannah Cats


One of the most gorgeous cats around. They are very good to socialize with and they are very smart. If it can do tricks then it is worth a lot more than one that has not been trained yet. Some say they remind you of dogs because you can stick them on leashes and they will not throw a fit. They do different tricks that will surprise you and your friends. Be ready to have a friend because they love the attention.

5. Chimpanzees


One of the best animals to have but they can be dangerous. The fact that history says us humans formed from the chimps makes me wonder if they really do act like us. The only thing they can not do is talk. But they climb tree to tree with ease. If you want one of these make sure to save up sixty thousand dollars and have a big yard for them to get around in. they love their bananas and the trees have to be strong so they can jump back and forth.

4. Ram


Okay who wants to own something that can hit you in the behind and hurt you really badly. A ram that was sold in two thousand and nine cost three hundred and fifty two thousand dollars. Who buys something that is lazy and is mean.They are more than most other animals but they are number four on the list today. They are big animals so make sure your back yard is free roaming so the thing can run and but his head where he pleases.

3. Arabian Horse


This gorgeous horse is so great to have. It cost a whopping hundred thousand dollars just to have it. You need to have a stall for it and you will need plenty of hay. The black coat on it will shine fi taken care of correctly. Make sure to brush its hair on the top and bottom. The hoofs need to be changed out like you should already know. This thing needs lots of room so make sure to take him out a few times a week so he can run free and enjoy life.

2. White Bengal Tigers


This tiger is so wonderful. It has black stripes and is all white. They love attention and affection. You are not allowed to own one of these but if you could they would cost anywhere from one hundred thousand to much more over that. They mate and stay with the ame mate for a very long time. This tiger is just like the cubs they are just so gorgeous that you want out but you just can not have this kind.

1. German Shepherd( Alsatian)


In march two thousand and eleven one of these dogs was sold for one point five million dollars. This makes it the highest animal to buy. You can get them for about twenty four thousand dollars so do not feel up set. They will take care of everything and will do certain things that will alarm you if anything is happening. No more being alone because they are great company and do not take much to take care of them.

These above are the Top 10 Most Expensive Pets in The World 2017. These animals cost so much you would be very lucky to find them cheaper. You can search online to see where you can buy them at but it is going to be very hard to get the money if you are not rich. Take your time and if you want it bad enough you will save money where you can. Make sure to have everything you will need before buying the animal. Having nothing will get you back even further.

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