Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish Species

If you have ever seen any of these fish then you will not to even get close because of how deadly they can be. People are holding these fish up in pictures on the internet. Me? Nope do not think so. Just seeing the picture makes me want to stay away so maybe take my advice and do just that unless you want to risk your own life.

List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish Species in 2017

10. Electric Eel

electric eel, Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish Species 2017

When you hear about electric things you think something that can shock you. Well that is exactly what this fish can do. It has bolts that it send to the other fish when it thinks it is in danger of getting harmed. It can produce up to almost six hundred volts of power to send to the other animal that is making a threat to it. It looks almost like some kind of snake just fatter and shorter.

9. Tiger Fish


If you was to see this fish you would want to go the other way. The teeth on this thing is so sharp that it can take a body part or rip a big hole in your flesh. It is found in Congo River and sometimes in Lake Tanganyika. It will get together with other fish of its kind and attack bigger animals and they will all feed off of the same animal until it is full and satisfied. It is the most dangerous of its kind. Two different kinds of these are the goliath tigerfish and the tiger fish itself.

8. Goonch Fish


Looks almost like a huge catfish but can cause more damage because of its size. it is seven foot long. It has a taste for human flesh so if you are swimming near it then you are a goner. it is man eater and is the cause of several of the disappearances and drownings in a river called Kali River. The fins on this thing are huge and can suck you under with just one strike.

7. The Stonefish


It may not look to dangerous but looks can be deceiving. It is also one of the weirdest fish you will see if you ever get close enough to get a glimpse of it. This fish can hide really well because of the skin that looks like a rock on the bottom of the surface of the ocean. You will figure out that it is what it is because of stepping on it. If you step on it you will be stung by its poison and you will suffer for hours and it does not feel to good. Some people say you will just suffer the pain of being injected but others say you will die within two hours of the poison being released.

6. The Snakehead Fish


This fish just like a snake. It is found in China, Russia, and Korea. The creature will find its way into other bodies of water and when it gets there the other life there has no chance of surviving. It will eat everything it can get its mouth on. It can get out of the water and eat anything that is on land to. It will eat until it finds another body of water so watch closely where you are stepping. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish Species 2017.

5. Vandellia Cirrhosa


When you see it you will laugh and say it can t not harm such a big person. Wrong. It is attracted the blood and the smell of urine. Urine extracts the main food for this fish and it is called urea. It will find a whole such as the anus, the penis or even the vagina and enter the body without you even knowing. It will start to suck your blood from the inside causing a lot of pain to you. When you go to the hospital they will have trouble finding out what is wrong. The only way so far to get it out is to amputate. Knowing this will make the deal worse in the end.

4. Piranha


This fish is ugly and it has very sharp teeth. You can buy a fish that is kin to the a piranha called an oscar and they are just as mean. They came from South America and Brazil. It is very small in size but the teeth of it can chew straight through the skin and bone of anyone. They made movies of this small fish and all the movies are true they will do exactly what they show. The sharp teeth will just clamp away with little effort and you will bleed to death or be eaten to death.

3. Pufferfish


The poison they have in their bodies can harm the brain and sometimes cause weakness. If you do not get this problem then it means you are dead because that is the next step after that. They blow up into a big ball. The spikes on the outside of it are there so they can protect themselves from harm being done to them. They will deflate later but not until they feel safe and nothing else is around them to harm them.

2. Box Jellyfish


The movie seven pounds had a few of these in it. He dumped them into the bath tub and then he crawls inside so he can died. You will only live a few minutes after being stung by one of these. They have a pair of eyes not like other jellyfish. The blue color will make you want to keep one but just do not do it. The slimy fish will kill you and nothing can be done to save you after it has happened just watch the movie Seven Pounds.

1. Payara


This is the nopefish because when you see it you will turn around and say nope. It has sharp teeth like a piranha. They call it the vampire fish because of how it looks. Known to be four feet long and they can eat fish bigger than themselves. They have two front tusks that help them. They may be like the piranha but it will this fish can kill those tiny things in no time. They are so deadly that you will have no chance of having a leg or an arm if they get a hold of you.

These above are the Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish Species 2017. These fish are so deadly that we should all just stay away. Some have been caught and then released back out because they keep things under control .But when one of the fish on the list can kill the other one on the list then that is just pretty much crazy and will not change my thinking getting in any kind of water near them. The teeth on some of these are so sharp just one chomp and a leg is gone or an arm do not think so.

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