Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds in The World

Birds are usually associated with peaceful sense. Mother Nature has blessed us with colorful and beautiful animals that belong to different habitats and origins. When people thinks of birds their see small and harmless creatures, but they are some of them that are very dangerous to humans. These have capability to kill with their toxicity, strength and aggressive nature. Swan and Ostrich are examples of deadly birds found in the world. Here are some of top ten dangerous birds you can find in this world.

List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds in The World in 2017

10. Red-tailed Hawk


Hawk is one intelligent species that have sharpest eyesight. Red-tailed hawk is the largest and most sighted bird in North America. You can see it in highway margins, natural grassland, parks, and farmlands and in lightly wooded habitats. Weighs between 3 to 4.4 pounds and has around 5 feet wingspan. Usually makes its nest in an open area on a tree. While flying, it tracks and catches prey by speedily and plunging quickly. It occupies wide range of altitudes and habitats including grasslands, deserts, deciduous forests and coniferous, urban areas and agricultural fields.

9. Falcon

falcon, Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds in The World 2017

Falcons have sharper beaks and talons then hawks. Their also see humans as danger who wants to remove them from their space. They are not afraid of attacking humans if their try to touch their nest. These birds are distributed in all continents except Antarctica. Mature ones have tapered thin wings, which enables them to have high speed in flying and change fast direction. In Falconine subfamily, falcons have largest genus. There have power of vision. These are the fastest creatures on living with a speed of 200 miles per hour. Have hook-shaped beaks that assist them from tearing flesh apart and be able to cut victim’s spinal cord through.

8. Snowy Owl

snowy owl, Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds in The World 2017

This is one of the most northerly prey birds in earth. It is a white, large Owl of typical own family. There are natural to wintry regions in Eurasia and North America. Female Snowy Owl have more fleck plumage while male are mostly white. They have ground nester that mostly hunts rodents. Having black beak and yellow eyes you can easily recognize it. It is 52-71 cm long, with wingspan of 125-150cm, weighing 1.6 to 3 kg. Average lifespan is about 9.5 years. It attacks its target very cleverly, if its target is a man, it goes for the head and face with those razor sharp talons.

7. Lammergeier


It is also known as bearded vulture or ossifrage. It is considered traditionally as an old world vulture. It is found in mountainous regions in Europe, Africa and Asia. Most vultures feed on ill or dying Lambs. There have a thing for soft bone marrow; by carrying it in air at higher height then drops it on rocks to smash bone access marrow. This is quite dangerous a person who is close area.

6. The Barred Owl


It is a large typical owl from North America, well known as hoot owl. You can find it in swamp forests of southern US. This feathery creature of prey has medium size with 4 feet wingspan, weighing between 2.5 to 3 pounds. Generally their attack smaller preys, and have expanded their territories towards westward and northward to British Columbia. Razor sharp talons help them attack head of a target, by pecking, clawing and squeezing the target. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds in The World 2017.

5. The Mute Swan


Mute Swan looks more quiet and peaceful. However, it is very aggressive and territorial. Originally they were found in Eurasia, but nowadays you can spot them in other part of world such as North America. It measures 125 to 170 cm in length and is solely white in down with orange beak surrounded with black. Weighs about 26 pounds with 7 feet wingspan, and when mute swan senses threat to its nest, it hiss, charge, peck and thrust the threat with its muscular wings causing injuries to the eye, broken bones and bruises.

4. Great Northern Loon


These are group of aquatic birds that are found in part of North America and Eurasia. Weighs around 8 to 12 pounds, and are commonly found in temperate forest region near lakes chilly tundra landscape and boreal forests. They spend their winter in Northern Hemisphere on cozy coves. Mostly there feed on fish with their blade sharp and pointed beaks. Due to lake pollution, loons’ population is dropping.

3. European Herring Gull


This bird is one of best known gull of Western Europe. They nestle are in urban area making it a treat to humans. Many of European herring gull stays permanently in Iceland, North Sea shores and British Isles, but some that lives in cooler area migrate to south in winter. Their numbers have dropped due to population of fish declines and competition. Male bird weighs 1,050 to 1,525 g, 60 to 67 long, while female is 555 to 62 tall and weighs 710 to 1,100 g. Both have wingspan ranging from 125 to 155 cm. they are a threat to humans due to their razor sharp beaks.

2. The African Ostrich


This is the only remaining and surviving of ostrich species globe and largest on earth. It is about 7 feet tall, weighing nearby 240 pounds. Their beak are broad and has long eyelashes, they are able to run at a speed of 43 miles per hour. Having pinted nails with large leg bones and hoof –like sharp. When they sense danger to their habitat or young ones that when they attack humans, and can kill them in few seconds.

1. Southern Cassowary


Southern cassowary resides in rainforests in Northwestern Australia and New Guinea. It is very dangerous having black plumage and blue skin patches and skinny head plate. It weighs about 130 pounds and is around 6 feet tall. They have very strong kick forces among animals and have sharp razor spurs. They can easily kill humans when their cann torn opens. There were recorded most dangerous bird on earth in Guinness Book of record in 2007.

Above are some of the dangerous birds on earth in 2017 that you should not play around with because they can easily kill you. When these creatures approach you, you have to hide for your life. Cases of human death from attack of cassowary have been reported that’s why people have to be very careful when coming across them.

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