Top 10 Most Bizarre Cat Breeds in The World

Are you a person that enjoys having animals around? Mainly cats? If so then the ten listed breeds will be great options to choose from considering they are highly sought breeds and many people pay a lot of money just to have one. They are all so friendly and enjoy companionship so try to look past their features if you can.

List of Top 10 Most Bizarre Cat Breeds in The World in 2017

10. Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail Top Most Bizarre Cat Breeds 2017

These are the most weirdest cat out of Japan or Asia. They have a tail that will remind you of one that is on a rabbit and some of them will have the characteristic of hopping like one too. The breed will a lot of the times show up in the folklore and art and while the cat is a medium like size and skinny, it is also very muscular and strong. The best feature of this animal is the spiral tail that is short, 4 inches long, and the way it curls up makes it seem even shorter.

9. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold Top 10 Most Bizarre Cat Breeds

The name is from its ears because they have an unusual look to them. It has a resemblance to an owl because of their big eyes. With its ears, at birth they are normal and straight but after about three weeks they will start to fold down and are on the small side. A lot of the time these cats have hair that is short and have a very soft silk feel to them but they do have breeds that have long hair as well. The personality of them are usually friendly and they enjoy being loveable. Other pets will not be a problem either because the fold loves to be around other animals.

8. American Curl

American Curl Top 10 Most Bizarre Cat Breeds 2017

These cats look like the typical breed but the ears are what makes them different. They have this slight curl to them that goes back away from its face and more to the back and in the middle of its skull. It does look like a normal cat except the ears are big and open. By a week after they are born the ears will start the process of curling back and forth until it is about four months old. After that the curl will stay for good. The breed can be found in different parts of the country such as the US, Japan, Spain, and a lot more areas.

7. Snowshoe


Even though they have been around for over fifty years, these cats are hard to find because it is hard to get a reproduction of them with the right markings. They are usually mellow breeds that are friendly and love to cuddle. Human interaction is something they love and they enjoy for people to pet them. There will be no problems if you want to get them for your children because they enjoy kids and other animals. These breeds are also really social and will be loyal to their owner.

6. Khao Manee

Khao Manee Top Most Famous Bizarre Cat Breeds 2018

The name means white gem which is talking about the cats fur because the coat is purely white. Their eyes will remind you of a beautiful jewel and they have cheekbones that are high. They are rare to find and have a genealogy that goes back for centuries. The fur is smooth to the touch and close to their body which eliminates the shedding a lot. You will often see them with blue eyes or gold eyes and sometimes you will get one that has one eye that is blue and the other is gold which makes it very unique. The ones with the unique eyes are what people usually want more and they are strong and very athletic.

5. Persian Cat


These beautiful breeds can be a large size or medium. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Bizarre Cat Breeds in The World 2017. Their bodies will be well proportioned and the faces are cute. The head is big and round with ears that are small and a tail that is on the smaller side as well. Persia is the definition to the name and that is the old name of Iran which is where other cats of the type were found. When this breed was first coming about they had a short snout but now the look has become overstated but this is in North America the most.

4. Ukrainian Levkoy


The ears fold in and they have hardly any hair which makes them look like a sphynx in a way. They are medium in size with a body that is kind of long and it looks to be slim but also muscular as well. The skin is elastic and soft when you touch it. There is a wrinkled look to it because of the skin being elastic. It is actually a breed that is kind of new since the first ones was not born until the year 2004. The hairless donskoy female and the scottish fold metis male was mated to get this levkoy breed.

3. Minskin


These are most of the time known as a dwarf breed because they are so small. The munchkin and sphynx was put together and this breed was the end result from it. Grooming for them will be the same as a sphynx. 1998 was the first year any of these were ever born and then by the year 2005 they had already gotten about 50 of the cats.

2. Munchkin


It is kind of a newer type and they have short legs with a long body that is medium in size. Their eyes are a walnut shaped and have ears that are in the shape of triangles. The features and characteristics of these are almost like a domestic cat. They are sweet and love to play. These will get along with people and they are very smart. Even though they are short, that will not change how well they are able to jump or run. You can get them in different colors and the patterns can be different as well.

1. Sphynx


The sphynx are the most recognizable cat breeds in the world 2017. They have no hair when they are born and it depends on the person whether they feel the cat is cute or just look really creepy. With how fine the gossamer is on this breed, many people say the skin feels like a suede material. They do have whiskers and eyebrows sometimes but they are mostly not able to be seen. Around the mouth and shoulders is where its wrinkles will mostly be at.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Bizarre Cat Breeds in The World 2017. All of these ten cat breeds all have a unique feature to them and that is what makes them so bizarre. Many people have different views on whether the animal is cute or ugly but it is a preference so not everyone will agree that your cat is the cutest thing they ever saw. Some of these are very rare and hard to get your hands on so if you get a chance to have one then you should probably take it if you enjoy the look of the cat because you may never get another chance at getting one.

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