Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds in The World

These are some of the most gorgeous birds you are ever going to see on this world. They are in tropical areas or in forest that will keep them out of danger and keep them around for much longer than they would if they was out and about. Some of these you can keep for pets. If you do own one as a pet you will need to take care of it very well. Just do not buy one if you are not going to be there for it because they have to have attention.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds in The World 2017

10. Green Wing Macaw Parrot

green wing macaw parrot, Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds in The World 2018

This bird is one of the best looking birds you will ever see. They have this bright red and green and blue going down their backs. They have big beaks to help them find food and help them chomp down on it and break it apart. Some of them can talk and repeat things back to you. You can own one of these yourself if you would like to. They have to have a lot of room and lots of things to play with. Just sit back and enjoy the fact that this bird can love you how you love it.

9. Stork Billed Kingfisher

stork billed kingfisher, Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds in The World 2017

This bird has the most wonderful and he has cute little eyes. The beak on it is really long and helps it dig for its food. The bird has tiny feet that help him hold himself up and watch for the food he wants and needs. The wings are a blue color that sometimes matches the sky. It uses its beak to get water so he will not starve and die off.the bright feet and beak makes the other animals run and know he is coming.

8. Peafowl


This is one beauty and the feathers is just where it starts. You can see these birds all around you can even own one of them yourself. They sound horrible but if you can get past that then you will be able to keep one in your yard. They have these huge feathers that pop open and look like little eyeballs and they just look amazing to see. If you find feathers lying around then you will see that they are very sturdy and can be kept and they stay pretty.

7. Painted Bunting


This bird is one that looks like it dipped its feathers in different color paints so that it could show off. It has a blue head and then it changes to a light green but at the same time is bright. It also has a orange red belly that makes it very noticed. The red ring around its eye makes it even more pretty, if you see one good luck getting a picture. It is very tiny and can be found in South Africa. It is one creature that does not get missed.

6. Keel Billed Toucans


These tropical birds are so amazing to see. They are amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds in The World 2017. They have this really long beak that has so many different colors that you will not stop staring while it is in the trees or flying. It is black and has red near its tail and the front of the face is yellow. The best feature of this bird is its beak. The feet are a bright blue color also making you look and try to find out what kind of animal it is. Such a beauty that will need to be left alone.

5. Rainbow Lorikeet


This bird is another with bright colors on it. It is mostly green but you will see that the yellows and the red and blue stand out really well. They have a bright orange beak that helps them find tiny insects so they will have things to eat. They have such charming eye that you will want to stare at them forever. Just makes ure you do not make them mad because they will use their beaks peck.

4. Northern Oriole


This bright yellow bird is great to see. It has black and yellow making it one of the birds that fly by and you will be searching for it for a while after it flies by. They are very tiny but fat. Their bellies are just as big as some birds heads. They love to hold on to tiny little branches so they can search out what they are looking for. Their tiny little claws will grab onto a branch and will not let go. They have a small streak of white in their wings. Such a pretty bird that would be great to keep and hold for hours.

3. Flamingo


These pretty birds are actually common when it comes to seeing them. They are located in both hemispheres such as the north and south. It will stand on just one leg for a very long period of time. During a trip to the zoo next time, look around and see if you can spot them because all over the country it is pretty common to find them mostly in a family oriented zoo.

2. Hyacinth Macaw


These birds are dark blue and are so amazing because they also have a long beak to claw with and get their food. The blue color fades in some parts of the body but the one thing you will notice about this bird is the fact of the small circle of yellow on the eye and the small part beside their mouths. They are in the macaw family making them all look just about the same just in a different nature of colors and beaks.

1. Golden Pheasant


If you want to track down this bird then you will need to be either in a forest or be in the mountains that are located in the Western parts of China. It is a very beautiful animal and made from different colors but mostly red and black with some orange/yellow on top too. Sometimes you will not spot them because they hide tremendously well.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds in The World 2017. These birds are considered to be exotic as well as beautiful. They are all wild and can be seen mostly in a rainforest or out in the nature. A lot of people actually own them for personal use as well. For instance, the Macaw’s are owned by people everyday but they do require tons of work in order to get use to the surroundings that are brand new to them.

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