Top 10 Most Amazing Monkeys Breeds in The World

There is about two hundred and eighty known species of monkeys that are living and I figure in the years to come they will find more types but as it stands there are over two hundred different ones and each one is unique and have their own personalities. These creatures are very smart and can learn human behaviors very quickly. Most of the time they can do all types of stuff that has been taught to them such as sign language so that they are capable of communicating with the human species along with homework type of stuff such as learning mathematics. Their brains can retain information that an average five year old child knows.

List of Top 10 Most Amazing Monkeys Breeds in The World in 2017

10. Francois’ langur

francois langur, Top 10 Most Amazing Monkeys Breeds in The World 2018

Known as the leaf monkey and are very dark in the colors they wear. They have white sideburns. They are all over from Southwestern China to Northeastern Vietnam. The hair is silky and the look is rough. The sideburns start at the ears and go down to the corner of the cheeks. They have stomachs made of four different chambers. This helps them get use to a food they have not quit learned to eat it just yet. Different chambers do different things to help the food break down.

9. Proboscis Monkey

proboscis monkey, Top 10 Most Amazing Monkeys Breeds in The World 2017

This is an amazing monkey but it is ugly. It has a big nose and the face is wrinkly. It has a bluish color on the legs and brown on its back. It has a big belly and it uses its fingers to dig in the trees for insects. It has really long fingers and toes that help them in many more ways than just the food. The have tiny eyes but that helps them see at night. They go by Malay and orang belanda.

8. Red Shanked Douc

red shanked douc, Top 10 Most Amazing Monkeys Breeds in The World

This little guy has so many different colors on him he looks like a rainbow between the grey and the yellow and the orange you would think it is something painted on the fur. There faces look more gold than yellow and it looks smooth. They have beady eyes that remind you of a tomb. It is referred to as the custom ape. They have powder blue eyelids. If it is a male then the genitals ill be red and white and their rumps have white spots that are patchy.

7. Baboon


Found in Africa and Arab countries. Depending on which species you are looking at with let you know the size and how much they weight. It only weighs about thirty pounds and some can be up to ninety pounds. They have very distinct faces so the markings will tell off what species they are. The noses on them stick out the most. They are a large specie that runs where they please and can be really mean.

6. Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey


This monkey is in the Colobinae family and it is really small. Endemic to small areas in the tem,perature and forest of Southwest China. The chinese name for it is Sichuan golden hair monkey. There is a wide range of these throughout the China area. They may be small but there are three kinds of this species running around living their lives in the trees. The way they sit on the ranches they act cold but that fur will keep them warm and safe. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Amazing Monkeys Breeds in The World 2017.

5. Orangutan


Found in the rain forest near Borneo and Sumatra. They are native to Malaysia and Indonesia. The hair they have on the is really thin and just kinda hangs off the body so when they move it sways in the wind. It is a reddish brown color making them easier to blend in. they have such strong hands and arms so that if they have to use something to get food or water then they can get the job done a lot easier than beating anything up.

4. White-headed Langur


They have white heads hence the name. They have small spots of gold on the tip so some people call them golden-headed. One of the endangered species in Asia. Only found in Guangxi in Southern China. It is on the endangered list being one of the top twenty five. Three generations had knocked the numbers down eighty percent making it a lot worse on the poor things. With only about seventy left in the world they will be gone soon if not left alone.

3. The Gelada Monkeys


Found only in Ethiopian Highlands and sometimes called a Gelada Baboon. One of the species from the Old World monkeys. They have large population in Semien Mountains. They are largely terrestrial like their close relatives the baboons. They spend most of their time foraging in the grasslands around them. They enjoy trying to find food and doing what they do best. There faces look like an old man and they have a pink red mark on their chest that make them look a little different.

2. Japanese Macaque


Now as the snow monkey because they can handle the snow and they live where snow covers the ground. This monkey is very familiar in Japan. When you hear someone from Japan say the word saru then it means they are talking about this type of monkey. Their fur keeps them warm and they just love sitting in the water while it is raining and snowing.

1. Dusky Leaf Monkey


Found in Thailand and Burma this monkey is cute and can do so many things that we can not. They are small but you should see them jump. The fur that they have sticks up all over their bodies so it looks a mess but they really just do not care. Their faces have markings that will show the features of most. The black and the pinkish white on their faces make them that much more cuter.

These above are the Top 10 Most Amazing Monkeys Breeds in The World 2017. These monkeys are so amazing we did not know how much they really could do. They are cute but can stand cold temperatures and they have the ability to jump very far. The faces of each one is different and they are sometimes called different things but if you hang around for awhile you will start to understand what each word means. Different size and shape but all from the same species. Who knew that a monkey was so smart and could handle weather worse than a human can. I guess that is why they say we came from a monkey. They do kinda look like us.

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