Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About Animal Intelligence

Animals are amazing in their own unique ways, some hard to comprehend. You might wonder how these animals act with their intelligence but through keen observation and research, you will discover many hidden and interesting facts about these animals. The most amazing facts lie in their intelligence, you might have thought of it but you still have another think coming. These are some of the top amazing facts about animal intelligence. Take your time to understand them and hope it will be of great help.

List of Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About Animal Intelligence


excellent memory horses, Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About Animal Intelligence 2018

Horses are regarded to have excellent memory status. It is said that a horse can recall any activity that happens in its presence. The ability to remember people around it gives the horse an amble time to bond and create friendship with the people who take care of it. A horse can also keep and remember different sounds and voices as per the daily activities it gets entangled in. research has also shown that it can be able to memorize and remember few letters and numbers.



It is said that though it is hard to interact and have a clear research on dolphins, they are among the most intelligent animals in the world. A research done on dolphin’s brain suggest that dolphins are second to humans in terms of brainpower. This is a shocking but amazing fact that if at all human dolphin relationship were established, communication between them would have been easier. This fact also suggests that a dolphin could be able to think just like humans with such great brainpower.



It is believed that dogs are very strong with scents and smelling. When it comes to sniffing, then dogs win and that has an advanced form of this capability. The most interesting and amazing thing is it sniffing scents. It is regarded that this sniffs comes up in hand with a dogs intelligence such that once it has adapted a certain specific scent of the caregiver, it really identifies with it at any given time and day. Once a dog has fallen in love with a certain specific person, then it is very hard to reverse that feeling and almost impossible for it to forget, that is intelligence.



It is researched that zebras are masters of behavioral changes, in that they can fake or even change its behavior according to the prevailing circumstances. A zebra would behave in a specific manner so as to favor the condition it might be in. a zebra would fake sickness in any case it feels like it might be in a difficult situation that might alter its own comfortability. The zebra might also relax and rest in case it feels sick or weak. This character of changing its behavior to specifics is regarded as a certain level of intelligence and it has brought about comparison to humans.



It has been seen that elephants have the tendency of comforting each other in times of sorrow. Just like in humans, it has been established that an elephant can read and analyze the sorrowful situation that a partner elephant might be going through. It has been established also that elephants get concerned a lot in times when the friend gets in trouble or problem. They have seen to display comforting characters and defensive behaviors in favor of the troubled friend.



The wolves have been seen to be masters in copying different behaviors and characters. It has been established that once wolves are conditioned to remember an activity it simply sticks and never forgets. It was also established that once a wolf is shown something for a specific period, it picks up the procedure and rarely forgets how to go about the activity. Research has suggested that the wolves’ brain is capable and able to adapt to different activities that it sees repeatedly for a longer period. That is purely related to human intelligence of memory and recall.



It is believed that monkeys also have the human bit of intelligence and mind. This has been established in their ways of selecting and choosing between two contrasting events. It is believed that if a monkey is in a situation of great importance where it has to choose between two contrasting events, it has a capacity of choosing one of it that which it feels is conducive to it. This capability is the absolute human behavior that is depicted in monkeys displaying its intelligence.



It has been established that the lemurs are also intelligent species of animals that can be able to act like humans in certain areas. This has been seen in the ability to steal and run away with its preferred item or commodity. Without the energy and power to snatch and grab from others, the lemurs has the ability to analyze and monitor a situation with time and once the owner turns away or leaves, it is said to steal and vanish. This is related to the ability of man to steal.



It is said that a cat is a smart and brave animal. It possesses a very unique intelligence mastery and comprehension. It is believed that once a cat masters a process, it never lets go. Research has been done that if you take a cat far away from its home, then it will definitely track back home safely and sound. This is a rare happening is only possessed by humans. The ability to also fight and defeat its enemies and most especially kill rats tells you a lot about the cat intelligence. That mind to hide and hunt for food is extra amazing.



These are the closest animals to human since it is said that they originated from humans and more so share the same minds and brains. They are very adaptive to the social environments, they can learn language through signs, can walk just like man, and socialize with each other just like humans do. This is done through innovativeness and somehow through copying from the surrounding areas of human settlement.

These above are the Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About Animal Intelligence. It is insane to compare animals to humans especially when it comes to reasoning and mentality but when you take your time and study these animals you will surely understand that intelligence exists in them. It is good to acknowledge the facts that sound amazing and shocking to an extent.

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