Top 10 Most Popular Largest Zoos in Canada

Just think about entering an enthralling world of animal kingdom where many are helping wildlife to conserve by animal reproduction projects and providing the high level of security to animals. Moreover involving people to adapt to a place where a large number of animals could be kept and taken care of and at the same time build up an enjoyment for people who have never seen a wide range of animal species. Canada is known to be one of the prime countries with an extensive number of sightseeing places in the world.

Some of the popular zoos are under the studies of the diverse university and researchers for an exclusive instructive excursion. Here is the list of top 10 most popular largest zoos in Canada in 2017.

List of the Top 10 most popular Largest Zoos in Canada in 2017:

10. Cherry Brook Zoo

Place: Saint John, New Brunswick

Cherry Brook Zoo, Largest Zoos in Canada 2016

This is one the first accredited zoo which deals in only exotic animals and endangered species of many varieties of animals. The zoo is one of its kinds in Atlantic Canada which is registered as a non-profit charitable organisation and also maintain strict rules and regulation and Standard Accreditation as directed by CAZA ( Canada Association of Zoos and Aquariums ). The zoo is home to over thirty-eight species and almost above 100 animals with exact replicas of some of the extinct species of animals and birds that can be viewed in a perfectly natural set up.

9. Bowmanville zoo

Place: Bowmanville, Ontario

Bowmanville Zoo, Most Popular Largest Zoos in Canada 2017

This Zoo is one of the oldest privately owned Canadian zoo which has nearly 42 acres of scenic natural habitat and parkland. Children, in this zoo, get the opportunity to ride camels, elephants, feed many wildlife animals and also see the animals appearing on the TV shows, commercials and movies. There is a part of zoo known as Animal’s Splash Bash for getting wet and then cool down.

8. Edmonton Valley Zoo

Place: Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton Valley Zoo, Most Popular Largest Zoos in Canada 2018

This zoo is situated in the heart of the town of Edmonton where it gives shelter to more than 350 native and exotic animals from all across the world with more than 100 species. It is constructed with many smaller groups that replicates natural habitat of many varieties of animals such as Carnivore Alley, Saito Center, Birds of Prey, African Veldt etc.

7. Magnetic Hill Zoo –

Place: Moncton, New Brunswick

Magnetic Hill Zoo, Most Popular Largest Zoos in Canada 2019

This Zoo is right next to Canada’s famous Magic Mountain Water Park and Magnetic Hill. It is also on of the biggest and largest zoo in Atlantic Canada. This zoo consists of more than 400 animals and is dedicated to raising public awareness, protect animal species and the environment and also maintenance of animal habitat. Some of the well-known animal species include Arctic Wolves, Zebras, Burmese Pythons, Tarantulas, Squirrel Monkeys, Baboons and Jaguar etc.

6. Greater Vancouver Zoo

Place: Aldergrove, British Columbia

Greater Vancouver Zoo, Most Popular Largest Zoos in Canada 2016

In 1999, this zoo came to life and became what it is today. Though earlier it was known to be a game farm, the zoo focuses on the active involvement of wildlife recovery and conservation efforts of animals and their natural habitat. Zoo covers 120-section of the area and takes 20 train rides to complete the visit to the zoo. There are more than 600 creatures like primates, chinchilla etc.

5. Granby Zoo

Place: Granby, Quebec

Granby Zoo, Most Popular Largest Zoos in Canada 2017

Granby Zoo consists of more than 1000 animals from above 200 species and it is one of the biggest zoos in Canada. Every year more than 500,000 visitors come to explore the wonderful animal kingdom and exciting exhibits. The zoo spans over 60 acres and provides separate locations completely based on many geographic homes of animals such as America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

4. Assiniboine Park Zoo

Place: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Assiniboine Park Zoo, Most Popular Largest Zoos in Canada 2018

This Zoo is part of Assiniboine Park and has covered over 90 acres of land. Assiniboine Park Zoo
offers its visitors over 1200 animals with 275 different species. It is considered as one of the largest in Canada and includes attractions like Petting zoo, Discovery centre and indoor learning area.

3. BC Wildlife Park

Place: Kamloops, British Columbia

BC Wildlife Park, Most Popular Largest Zoos in Canada 2019

BC Wildlife Park is the largest zoo which plays a very important role in educating the variety of wildlife that is found throughout British Columbia. Zoo spans over 50-hectarein site with more than 65 different species of animals and birds. This mountainous zoo has an engaging old-world feel. There is one of the models in a track of one kilometre where 65 types of recreation centre consisting dark wolves, coyotes, moose, cougars and porcupines.

2. Calgary Zoo

Place: Calgary, Alberta

Calgary Zoo, Most Popular Largest Zoos in Canada 2017

Zoo was established in the year 1929 and it is Canada’s second largest zoo. Calgary Zoo
focuses on world class functioning and an education on the conservation efforts related to the wildlife. It also exhibits the global regions as per the continents and their respect inhabitants. One of the huge zoological park with over 1000 creatures. Everything from Zebras to Asian Elephants amidst Bow River can be found here.

1.Toronto Zoo

Place: Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Zoo, Most Popular Largest Zoos in Canada 2018

Canada’s top most zoo is one of the planet’s largest covering more than 7100 section (287 ha) of land in the Rouge park to the northeastern side of Toronto. It is isolated into 6 geographical landscapes and shelters, 5000 creatures. There are many attractions added such as Safari Stimulators, Bounce Board. It is the top attraction in Canada and especially in Ontario for last many years. Every year more than 1.2 million people visit this zoo and acceptable it is one of the biggest in the world.

All these zoos draw enormous attention from guests consistently because these zoos give you an experience of the third world and give time to understand the animal kingdom. These famous Canadian zoos are the national legacy of Canada and that is the reason why government spend the considerable amount of funds for the maintenance purposes.

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