Top 10 Deadliest Animals Around The World

Even though we make as many efforts as possible to make the space and areas near us safe, there is still going to be danger lurking around the corner waiting to attack. Wild animals are a great example of this. Many people think that the ten animals listed below are safe to be around because there attitudes come off sometimes as friendly but there are times that even the most playful animal can change into a dangerous species in a blink of an eye.

List of Top 10 Deadliest Animals Around The World in 2017

10. Jellyfish

jellyfish, Top 10 Deadliest Animals Around The World 2017

You will hear this fish called the “sea wasp”. The jellyfish will swim freely to hunt their prey. They will just float around until other animal touch the tentacles they have underneath them. they will then send a shock to it and wrap t up. They can be found around the Australian coast. They are a purple color and glow some what in the water. The animal is squishy and you will not want to touch it at all because it will sting you really badly.

9. The Shark


When you take the chance of going into the ocean you will notice that the shark has already lived here for so long that you are on his territory. He has two rolls of teeth that can cause so much damage that you will end up with no arms or possibly a leg gone. Some people have even lost their lives because of a shark attack. The do not care what goes in their mouths as long as it has something to do with meat and blood.

8. Hippopotamus


This huge animal will do a lot of damage even though it seems that it can not move that fast. When they go into the water they will sink to the bottom and just float a little above the ground. The mouth on them can squash you or anything else that gets in the way when it is mad. They cause most of the damage that is done in Africa because they big mouths that they have. The males will protect their territory as to where the female would rather protect its young. If they attack you or anyone else it is just how they are. They have different reasons for attacking.

7. Lion


The lion is the king of the jungle and he will go out and find for the others that are living in the cave with him. Two hundred and fifty deaths each year happen because of a lion. When they see us humans the first thing they will think is that we are slower and will attack at any chance they get.They are fast and hide and learn to look for the target, when it is in the sight of him he will pounce on the poor victim that is going to lose their life.

6. Cape Buffalo


They can be seen in Africa and they are one of the most dangerous that you can mess with. The are very hard to predict so try to stay far away from them. The fact that they are so big will help them when they are running after their prey. They use theirs hirs to and advantage. It almost looks like a ox and can confuse you if you are not paying attention. The horns are very sharp and can stab the prey they have been looking to kill for a while.

5. Elephant


the size of this animal is what makes it so dangerous. It can step on you and kill you. They cause over six hundred deaths each year. They can act so kind at points but if they get scared or something goes wrong when they are riding you then you will be the end of the line. If they are treated badly then they will turn on you because they have feelings just like a person. They cry and they mourn the death of a baby. If people would treat them better then maybe they would not feel so mistreated.

4. Crocodile


These animals look dangerous so why would you even think of stepping near one. They have sharp teeth that can harm you or anyone else near them. Some people will stick their heads in their mouths. Number one this is not a kitten it has sharp teeth and lots of strength. They love the taste of human flesh. The salt water ones are the worst of them all. They will eat living and dead animals so they always have the taste of some kind of blood in their mouths and this is what happens when they have to find the food to live off of. It is around five to twenty feet long and the fact that if you trap it it will turn and twist to try to get lost. This is one amongst the Top 10 Deadliest Animals Around The World 2017.

3. Scorpion


Every year this small animal will cause up to five thousand deaths. The sting that they give you injects youw ith poison and the sand is where they love to be. The heat is what makes them live. It can crawl and is so small that it is hard to find if you are not paying attention at all. One thing you need to watch out for is the tail because that is what they will sting you with. It has eight legs so it is in the species with the spider. It will release enough poison that they think will kill the prey they are wanting to eat on.

2. Snake


Everyone knows if a snake is near then it is no longer that cold outside. They come out when it is warm and hide when it is cold. Most of the snakes that cause the deaths is because of the venom they will inject with the bite. Above four hundred and fifty of those species are venomous and can kill a human. They use their fangs to bite into your skin and inject enough venom to kill you. Some of the times that a person has been bitten they was able to make it to the hospital and the others are not so lucky. Each year over a hundred thousand people have been found dead because of this.

1. Mosquitoes


Weird? Nope. These small insects carry so many diseases that one bite can cause you to carry the virus. If that bug bit someone with a virus then bit you then you will get it. If you do not believe me do the search about it all. It is one of the scariest things you can have stuck in your brain. So many people get sick because of a simple bite and then they are never to been heard of again because they die from it. Some die from a slow painful death. Make sure to wear your sprays and other repellents.

These above are the Top 10 Deadliest Animals Around The World 2017. These are just a few of the animals that can kill you. Who thought such a small insect could change your whole life. One small bite and scratching then you find yourself in a hospital bed with problems that has never happened to you before. The large animals should be left alone because they do remember a lot of things. A small brain but yet a great memory. We all know the snake can cause a lot of damage. The simple things on here can harm you worse than anything else.

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