Top 10 Cheapest Dog Breeds In The World

In this very busy 21st Century, what you need is a true companion who can give love, time and 24X7 entertainments to refresh your mind from all the stresses of life. Only a dog can fulfill these criteria of removing all the sadness from your mind and can make you smile from your cheeks. Even if you leave your dog, he is never going to do the same with you. He can feel more than you can. A dog is best pet who is among the purest creations on this earth.

So if someone thinks of having a pet, a doggy is the best option without any hesitations. The thing you have to be concerned about your pet dog is to take his proper care by proving food, medication and maintenance. Let us have a look on Top 10 Cheapest Dog Breeds In 2017.

List of World’s Top 10 Cheapest Dog Breeds in 2017

10. Papillon (Average Price $400)

Papillon Cheapest Dog Breeds 2016-2017

This is the top cheapest dog breeds the origin of this dog is Spain. The butterfly-like look of Papillon having long decorated hair on the ears is defined by its name. Generally, they are of playful and friendly in nature, but around strangers its medium sized black eyes become alert. These oldest spaniel toy dogs are available in white with patches of any color and have a life span of 14-17 years average. High energy level of this dog can keep your mood always on.

9. Basset Hound (Average Price $400)

Basset Hound ,most popular Cheapest Dog Breeds 2016-2017

The basset hounds belong from hound’s family. The short-legged basset hounds are differentiated from other dogs by its height. Basset walks very slow for their short leg size, but it helps them to follow the prey quietly. They have a special characteristic that they can track by smelling. So basset hounds are sometimes used in detective purposes. They have a longevity of 11-12 years. Their hanging type skin structure and long pendulous ears for which they look sad which is a very funny thing about them.

8. American Hairless Terrier (Average Price $400)

American Hairless Terrier most popular Cheapest Dog Breeds 2016-2017

Though the origin of this dog is a United States, its ancestors were called ‘fiests’ which were brought to North America from Europe. They have a well-muscled body structure with a height of 7-16 inches. In hot weather they sweat a lot. 2.3 kg-10 kg weighty American hairless terriers are much intelligent and curious. If they are trained well they can be very useful for safety purpose. They can live up to 17 years.

7. English Setter (Average Price $350)

English Setter most popular Cheapest Dog Breeds 2016-2017

One of the most beautiful dogs breeds  English Setters are mostly found in England and were designed for hunting quail, grouse, pheasant etc. They have the ability to find out its prey by its scent. By nature, they are gentle but sometimes become strong willed. They seek attention and stay very active. When someone approaches the house they make people alert by barking. Their life expectancy is almost 12 years.

6. Rat Terrier (Average Price $350)

Rat Terrier most popular Cheapest Dog Breeds 2016-2017

Rat Terriers originate from America and share the same category of breed with American hairless terrier. These sensitive dogs are supposed to become alert when they are found with erected ears. Black and tan, brown, blue, white are the most common colors for these dogs. A well-bred rat terrier has a lifespan of 14-16 years. Training this dog can be very enjoyable as they are very obedient to their owner.

5. Pug (Average Price $350)

Pug most popular Cheapest Dog Breeds 2016-2017

Pugs are one of the nicest and cutest breed of dogs. Deep wrinkles in his blunt face and a big glittering black eye makes him look very much innocent and adorable. Mainly they are playful in nature, but sometimes they maintain dignity which is very interesting to notice in their behaviour. These small sized dogs follow their owners like “shadows” and have craving for affection from them. They can be a good company for children also.

4. Black And Tan Coonhound (Average Price $350)

Black And Tan Coonhound most popular Cheapest Dog Breeds 2016-2017

These are from the hound families having a mixture of black and tan colors in their skin. Their excitement is understood when they make their tail 90 degree angled. They behave politely indoors, but outsides they show their real character. As they have a strong instinct for hunting, they cannot be stopped easily from tracking and trailing. Normally they are independent, powerful, and strong-willed and can live up to 12 years.

3. Black Mouth Cur (Average Price $325)

Black Mouth Cur most popular Cheapest Dog Breeds 2016-2017

Hunting-natured black mouth cur is one of the athletic dogs. They can very easily socialize and always want to be surrounded by people. They come in several colors like yellow, red, fawn and their different shades are also available. These are called black mouth as they have a blackish mask. They have abilities to run miles. These smart kinds of dogs can be easily trained, as they capable to do multitasking.

2. Aidi (Average Price $300)

Aidi most famous Cheapest Dog Breeds 2016-2017

Aidi dogs are originated in Morocco. This breed has a heavy and double coated far. They can be found in the hilly regions like Atlas Mountains and in desert areas like Sahara as they have high tolerance to heat and cold. They are generally used to protect and guard herds of sheep as they are one of the best watchdogs. To locate the prey by its scent is not an easy matter for this “Atlas Dogs”. Aidi can become a family pet if they are socialized at their early ages. Their expected age of living is 12 years average.

1. Plott Hound (Average Price $275)

Plott Hound most famous Cheapest Dog Breeds 2016-2017

Plott hounds adopted the nature of hunting for the place where they were originated in. North Carolina is the place where they used to hunt wild boars, beers. The Plott hound breed is very popular pet, but they need a separate yard to live in. They are protective in nature as well as loyal to their owner. Plotts are not calm and often can be heard to bark at its sharp voice. Maintenance of this dog is very easy and not much expensive.

This proves a dog can be the best company as well as a protector of a lonely person. It is also a matter to worry about that a few breeds of dogs are becoming distinct because of the negligence of people. So, it is better to adopt a dog and you can also choose from in this list of cheapest dog breeds and to give them a healthy life to live.

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