Top 10 Biggest Animals in The World

Animals are one of the nature’s presents to humans. The big ones in their respective categories seem to fascinate us. The entire world is occupied by different small and big creatures. However, the largest animals in the world are classified using different categories, such as amphibians, birds, mammals, and reptiles. Although most lists of the biggest creature in the world are based on these categories, size is the best factor in containing the greatest animals in the world. Here is a list of top 10 largest and particular animals in the world, based on their great sizes.

List of Top 10 Biggest Animals in The World 2017.

10. The Capybara

the capybara, Top 10 Biggest Animals in The World 2017

Capybara is the biggest rodent living in the world. The animal originates tropical and temperate region of South America. Besides, the animal lives near water. An adult Capybara has a height of 1.5 M and a weight of 105.4 kg. The rodents are herbivorous and very social, living in groups of six to twenty. Also, the animals congregate in aggregates of up to a hundred individuals.

9. The Giant golden-crowned flying fox


The animal is also known as the golden-capped fruit bat. The giant golden-crowned flying box is the biggest bat species in the world. However, the bat species is very rare and can only be found in the Philippines rain forest. The giant Golden –crowned flying box belongs to the megabat family. The total length of the animal is 55 cm, while the highest weight of the giant bat is 1.5 kg.

8. Flemish giant


The Flemish Giant is a rabbit breed considered to be the biggest in the world. However, the breed is considered to be old among domesticated rabbits, but the largest mammal in the world from Flemish species. The giant rabbit weighs 12.7 kgs and grows to a maximum length of 2.5 feet. Additionally, the Flemish giant came in seven colours and was initially bred for meat and fur, but currently, the rabbits are kept as pets. You can differentiate between female and male by the head, as they have different head shapes.

7. Chinese giant salamander


Apart from being the largest reptile, it is the biggest amphibian in the world. The Chinese giant salamander grows to a length of six feet or 180 cm. The species is rare, and only be found in China. The species is endemic to lakes, streams, and mountains all over China. The maximum weight of an adult salamander is 55-66 lbs. Nevertheless, the giant lizard is endangered, due to over-harvesting for use in traditional Chinese medicine.

6. Saltwater Crocodile


The crocodile is informally known as saltie. Also, the crocodile is known as sea-going crocodile, estuarine crocodile, marine crocodile or indo-pacific crocodile. Apart from being the largest reptile living in the world, it is the largest riparian and terrestrial predator in the world. The maximum weight of an adult saltwater crocodile is between 1,000- 1,200 kg. The length of an adult saltwater crocodile is 5m. However, the largest recording ever is 6.3m long and a weight of 1,900 kg. The female is shorter than the male.

5. Brown and polar bears


Both brown and polar bear have a height of 3m and a maximum weight of 1000 kg. The two bears are known as the biggest and largest living land carnivores. The two bears have the same body sizes, making it difficult to determine which bear is bigger. The total length of these bear is 3.05m, while their shoulder height is slightly above 1.6m. As per research, Kodiak and polar bear are subspaces of brown bear. Nevertheless, the polar bear is more endangered than the brown bear.

4. Southern Elephant Seal


Currently, southern elephant seal is considered the biggest carnivore in the world. This is one amongst the Top 10 Biggest Animals in The World 2017. The average weight of the female is between 400-900 kgs, while their length is between 2.6-3m. The males weigh five to six times the females. However, of importance to note is the detailed sexual dimorphism in their sizes. Despite their sizes, the animals dive repeatedly, and within twenty minutes, they move at a depth of between 400- 1,000 meters to hunt their food.

3. Giraffe


Giraffe is both the tallest and longest living thing the world. The height of a giraffe is 5.8m, while the weight is more than 2,000 kg. The tallest giraffe is regarded to be 5-6M tall when standing. The average weight of male giraffe is 1,600 kg, while that of the female is 830 kg. Giraffes are considered to be the longest living animals due to their vast elongated necks, which are more than 2m.

2. African Elephant


African elephants are regarded to be the biggest animals living on land. The elephants weigh more than 6,350 kg. Also, the length of the animal from the trunk to the tail is 10.6m Due to their enormous sizes; African bush elephant that is mature and entirely developed has no natural predators. It’s a site you simply can’t resist.

1. Blue whale


The blue whale is a marine mammal belonging to the baleen whales. The whale is 30m long and weighs more than 180 metric tonnes. Apart from being the largest marine mammal, the whale is the greatest mammal in the world. One of the strangest thing about this creature is that the weight of the tongue of this whale is approximately 2.7 metric tonnes. The whale is the largest animal known to be existence in the world and has a gestation period of 11 months.

So, these are the Top 10 Biggest Animals in The World 2017. Whether you measure the size of biggest animals in the world regarding how heavy, tall or long the animal are, you right but you cannot deny the fact that some animals are entirely huge than others. The animals listed above are the largest in the world based on their size. However, the list can be edited or changed based on different factors.

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