Top 10 Best Selling Police Dog Breeds in The World

Dogs are good for a lot of things. They can be used to hunt, find things and the police even use them to help them with certain things. Dogs are very smart and use their nose to do pretty much everything. We have so many different kinds of dogs that you could hear a name and not know what kind of animal it is. We have small dogs medium dogs and large dogs. We have some dogs that are so big they have to stay outside because they take up too much room in the house. They are a man’s best friend like everyone has always sid. It is because they are loyal and sometimes easy to train. These dogs on this list are used by the police to help them in anyway they can help.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Police Dog Breeds in The World in 2017

10. German Shorthaired Pointer

german shorthaired pointer, Top 10 Best Selling Police Dog Breeds in The World 2017

This dog is used by the police because they have great noses. Their air is short and that is some of the reason they got the name they did. Back in the eighteen hundreds is when they started to exist. You can also use this dog to hunt because it will find anything that you kill and bring it straight back to you. The only reason why they are number ten is because they died very quickly because of gastric problems. Their color is nice and mixed up and they can smile for smiles. They just do not last long enough in the fields of the police.

9. Bloodhound

bloodhound, Top 10 Best Selling Police Dog Breeds in The World 2017

You will be able to tell this kind of dog because of its ears. They are huge and floppy. The police have these dogs because they have strength and that helps them with certain things they can not deal with.if you can get your hands on one of these then you will see they are great for hunting just like most other dogs. They will need to be trained just like most other dogs. They train fast and can help others out in great ways.

8. Boxer Dog


These dogs are very flexible if you want to call it that. They can jump through and find ways around things so much easier than ah human can. They are mean and will take any one out that they are told to. They will be able to get to good hiding spots and can sometimes find the bodies that are missing. When they stand they stand with a stance that shows they think they are boss and in general they do not harm others as much as some of the other breeds do.

7. Labrador Retriever


The lab can do so many things to help out that they are trained daily at the force to do just that. You can have one of these a a pet and even if they are not trained if they know they should protect something then they step up and get the job done. These dogs are trained by police to sniff out drugs and bombs that could hurt so many people in just a small amount of time. The fact that they have never seen a bomb and can sniff it out makes it so much easier when the cops are searching for something that needs to be smart a and have great abilities.

6. Dutch German Shepherd


They will live up to thirteen for fifteen years so they last alot longer and they even have to make sure they have all of their bones when they should be down. These dogs are very intelligent and can be kept as a pet the fact that some of the dogs that are

5. Giant Schnauzer


There is no secret to the fact that these dogs will scare any other smaller one that passes in its sight and it scares the mess out of criminals too. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Selling Police Dog Breeds in The World 2017. In general, no person gets scared of a dog that is playful and the height of their ankles. But one that is as big as this schnauzer is going to freak people out. The term giant in this breed’s name is correct when it comes to the size because they are quite large and demand attention and respect plus they have an air of authority to them when they land in a certain stance or statue like state. Their fur is kind of long and hangs from the mouth and makes it look like how one of the old military men looked in the olden days. The teeth go together like scissors so when the jaw is clenched you can see how dangerous those things are.

4. Doberman Pinscher


This dog is a medium size and because of this type being one of the most common in the US, that is why they are considered by K9 family dog units. They are slim in size with hair that is sleek and shiny. The ears point up and because of its size that is what makes it one of the faster breed’s. That is why they rank in the higher number for being the best police dogs.

3. Belgian Tervuren


It is not your everyday average dog and just the name is kind of like the word terror and this dog breed is just as terrifying as that sounds. They are hairy animals and have the look of a wolf. Think about what would happen if a wolf was put onto a leash. The thing will everything it can to get off and go back out into the open wild where it is use to hunting for a prey. That will definitely scare you and you should be just as scared of one of these belgian dogs. They are able to be loveable but can go into wolf mode at anytime when it is in defense mode.

2. Rottweiler


They are more known for the temperament and aggression that is in the actions of it and the dog is able to take off your finger in just one little grip and pull type of movement. That is why they are considered very vicious and a deadly dog so it is not to be messed with and anyone should have second thoughts if they think it would be a good idea at all. The breed of these dogs are more of the alpha male types and will take claim to its territory while it is still just a small puppy.

1. German Shepherd


The dog has a boss personality and are wise old animals. Most smaller ones will look up to the german shepherd because of the father figure approach that they have. The animal has a more military style approach which is a more stern approach. Most of that comes from generations of german masters that has been used for many generations.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best Selling Police Dog Breeds in The World 2017. Most people get dogs so that they can be a family pet but when they are gotten for being a police dog, they get some of the best training in the world just the teach them all the things they need to know about protection which most of these on this list already have that gene running in its bloodline but training will just enhance that knowledge. All of these are great options to be on a police force and catching bad guys.

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