Top 10 Best Selling Exotic Pets in The World

These are some of the coolest animals to own and have as pets. They are small and can be just like cats and dogs so they are more like a pet than a wild animal. Some look really cool. Some can be very lovable and carrying. They will help you and some love the water. Make sure to have lots of room for them because some of them need it to stay adventurous. They have to be in certain weather because of where they was born and where they have lived for so long. Some are so cute you will not know what to do with yourself. These ten exotic pets are something you should really think about buying in the year of 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Exotic Pets in The World in 2017

10. Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox Top Best Selling Exotic Pets in The World 2017

This fox is one that you really should own in the next year. It can live up to seventeen years and they are so adorable. They are native to Northern Africa. They look like a cat and a dog. They are more like a dog. You can train them to use a litter box and they love to sleep. Let them sit in your lap and sleep for hours. They have huge ears and they are just so cute. Their faces look like a cats and that is why they say they are like a cat.

9. Capybara

Capybara Top 10 Best Selling Exotic Pets in The World 2017

This animal needs lots of room to rome. You can own one for six hundred dollars. They just want love. They love the water and stay underwater for five minutes at a time. They allow animals to get on their backs and ride around with no care in the world. They must always have water near them or they will end up sad and lonely. They only mate underwater also so if you have two that live together make sure to have a big pond to let them do the deed in. They have tiny ears but can be friends with the most dangerous animal like crocodiles,

8. Miniature Donkey

Miniature Donkey Top Most Popular Selling Exotic Pets in The World 2018

These animals only grow up to thirty six inches tall. They can live for forty years. They live mostly on farms and kids love to play with them because they are not that much more taller than them. They look no different than a regular donkey so if you see one just pay close attention to the height of them. They can be found at petting zoos or such areas that carry smaller animals. If you buy one just make sure you have enough hay to feed them.

7. Serval

Serval Top Famous Selling Exotic Pets in The World 2019

This small animal will only weigh up to forty pounds and looks like a small cat. It is very fast when it is running. They are able to be trained so you can keep them in your home. It is just like a cat but they can be mean if they are not trained right. They are a gold color with black stripes and spots that are all over their bodies. They are found in Southern Africa.

6. Skunk

Skunk Top Popular Selling Exotic Pets in The World 2019

If you get this animal you need to have them debagged which is very easy if you know how to stitch one up. They are great to have because they are very playful they are very sensitive and can be very devious. They love to go around and find small objects that they can get their little paws on. If you do not get then debagged then you will be sprayed and stink for a very long time. The only way to tell a skunk from a different animal is to look at the black and white stripe they have going down their body.

5. Sugar Glider


They are mainly found in Australia, New Guinea, and Indonesia but they have now began to venture off to other parts of the country. They can live for about fifteen years if taken care of correctly but the maximum weight that they will ever reach is going to be less than half a pound. They have big eyeballs and pointing ears with tails that are longer than their little bodies. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Selling Exotic Pets in The World 2017.

4. Spotted Genet


These will be long and slender as an adult and often look to have features of a cat and a ferret. They are nocturnal which means they are night time creatures so if you are a light sleeper then this will not be the exotic pet for you. All of these will have a dark stripe going down their back and the tails will be as long as the head and body. The wet nose on them is important because it lets them sense smell and touch.

3. Squirrel Monkey


They only get to a weight of up to about two pounds but they are very playful which is the reason they are really popular exotic animals. Even though they are very playful, this animal will be very territorial to the family and they usually will spread its own urine all the body of itself to mark its property.

2. Wallaby


It is a smaller species of the Australian Kangaroo and the wallaby is so unbelievably cute. If you want one though you will be paying about three thousand dollars for one. They need plenty of room so people that live in urban areas would not be able to own one because of this. They are mainly found in Australia or New Guinea and only grow to be about forty-five to 105 centimeters and their tails will only be at the length of 33 to seventy-five centimeters. These are often wanted for their meat and the fur that is on them.

1. Madagascar Hissing Cockroach


People are able to own these creatures legally and they come from, well you guessed it, Madagascar. They get their name of being a hissing species because they force air from the tiny holes that is in its body which causes them to make a hissing sound. A lot of people believe that these will fly or bite but that is not true. They can be bought for a low price of under three dollars per cockroach.

All of the ten exotic animals 2017 listed above are able to be bought and kept legally. If you want a unique family pet then buy on them and enjoy the cute little animal. Most are really playful and love to have all of the attention you are capable of giving it. Most people that buy these beauties have stated that they really enjoy owning them and they do not regret the money spent for them. That is because some of them can get quite expensive to buy because of where they may be located at in this world.

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