Top 10 Best Selling Dog Foods In The World

In these modern times, humanity is constantly on the move. He is career oriented as a survival strategy and tends to forget that he is a social animal and thus needs the company of a living being. The company of a fellow human being is not always possible and thus, an animal is a more suitable option to purge out loneliness and stimulate the morale. There’s a reason why dogs are known as ‘man’s best friend’ and that is because well they have every quality a best friend should possess, and they are even successful in making you forget about their inability to communicate via the human speech! They are all ears and rather long ears at that, for hearing out your feelings without interruptions and sometimes even become an exclusive company for sharing individual views. Sure, they might not understand what you are talking about, but at least they pretend to!

A tremendous amount of love and a little bit of food and lo and behold! You get the best friend ever! Many companies are dedicated to the care of these loving furry friends and here are the top 10 best selling brands who make delightful paw licking food for them because after all food is the second best thing they love just after their masters!

List of the world’s top 10 most popular and best selling dog foods in 2017

10. Nature’s Variety (Price: $69.54 for a 25.3 lb. bag)

Nature’s Variety

Nature’s Variety headquarters are in St. Louis, Missouri; it has its manufacturing facilities in Lincoln, Nebraska. It is a private company which specializes in holistic pet food which is grain-free and natural. It headlines with the slogan “Empowering people to transform the lives of pets”.

9. Addiction (Price: $59.95 for 20 pounds)

Addiction Top Best Selling dog foods in the world 2017

It was founded in Te Puke, New Zealand, and its headquarters is based in Singapore. It was started in 2002 by s leading veterinary surgeon who made it a point to make nourishing food for pets without chemicals which have the potential to cause them harm. He started to make pet foods combined with nutrients which instead of just making them fat, made them stay fit, healthy and active. These foods are made out of meats that are rich in nutrients, hypoallergic and easier to digest. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs and seeds intensified the flavor and wholesomeness. Pet owners claimed that their pets were soon refusing to eat their regular mundane food and only eating these new dishes. Hence the name ‘Addiction’ was coined. These claim to contain no artificial preservatives, flavors, fillers or by-products. It has based its manufacturing plant in New Zealand because it is considered the cleanest place to manufacture pet food as it is free from diseases like Mad Cow, Foot and mouth disease.

8. Stella and Chewy’s (Price: $52.98 for a large bag)

Stella and Chewy’s

“The best food for your pets is the raw food they would eat if they were in the wild. It is in their nature. Moreover, it is what guides everything we make. “The company was inspired by the needs of a sick dog rescued from a shelter. It promises never to forget its deep-rooted values no matter how big the company becomes. The firm is based in the United States of America, and the company claims to use only grass fed beef, cage free chicken and wild caught salmon along with fresh organic vegetables in their food making process. Added vitamins and minerals are combined to make the whole meal a balanced one.

7. Taste of the Wild (Price: $61.99 for 30 pounds)

Taste of the Wild Top 10 most Best Selling dog foods in the world 2018

Your pets crave for a taste of the wild so go ahead and give them.The cover of these food packets showcases a picture of a mother wolf with her pups in the prairies. Claims to provide the pets with their ‘ancestral diet’ which relies on quality meats and probiotics that are high on nutritional value and health benefits for domestic animals. The company product line includes seven dry dog foods.

6. Blue Buffalo Wilderness (Price: $57.29 for a 24-pound bag)

Blue Buffalo Wilderness

“Love them like family. Feed them like family.”

Dedicated to treating pets as a family instead of something you own, this brand makes seriously good stuff for your pets. They use a variety of meat products ranging from ducks and rabbits to Bisons and venisons. Their specialized formula foods dedicated for particular aims like weight management, high protein, foods for small bites, etc. Also, they have dry food as well as wet food and meat rolls.

5. Dr. Harvey’s Premix (Price: $54.71 for 5 pounds.)

Dr. Harvey’s Premix Top 10 Best Selling dog foods in the world 2017

Dr.Harvey’s is not meant to be given to your pets directly but is supposed to be mixed with the homemade food cooked for your pet. It is 100% organic and uses nutritious natural components. No synthetic products or chemicals are used in this product, and it is one of the best products to keep your pet’s stomach healthy. It has a veg-to-bowl variant which is an entirely vegetarian pre-mix essential for your pet’s antioxidant needs.

4. The honest kitchen (Price: $64.67 for a 10lbs bag which makes 40lbs of food)

The honest kitchen

Made for pet owners who have a busy lifestyle and thus cannot make homemade food for their pets. These are easy to make and also can be done very quickly. It is based in San Diego, United States.The products claim to be minimally processed and maybe just what the doctor or veterinarian ordered. They use mostly turkey and chicken in their products. They make ‘human grade’ food according to The Huffington Post.

3. Wellness core (Price: $58.48 for a 26-pound bag)

Wellness core Top most popular Best Selling dog foods in the world 2019

Based in the United States, it provides your pet with a completely grain free diet and a protein-focused diet with controlled levels of fat and carbohydrates. It has Omega 3 Fatty Acids to help maintain healthy skin and coat. It has an equivalent degree of fat and calories ideal for everyday feeding. It also combines quality meat with nutritional veggies like spinach, sweet potatoes, etc. It also has wet dog recipe variants in the form of broths.

2. Acana (Price: $69.99 for 25lb)


Acana is Canada’s favorite dog home food company.Acana is a subsidiary of Champion Petfoods which is an award winning pet food maker.Although it has a High protein content, its carbohydrate content is relatively quite less. Because of this, it is exquisite for the fatty dogs. It restricts obesity and helps control it to a great extent. As this product has these unique qualities, it is suitable for old dogs and helps them keep fit. Their ‘foods mirror the richness, freshness, and variety of meats. For which dogs and cats are evolved.’

1. Orijen (Price:$89.99 for a 28.6 lb bag)

Orijen Top most Best Selling dog foods in the world 2018

Orijen is another subsidiary under Champion Petfoods, and thus, this too is based in Canada. It is high in protein and uses fresh free run poultry; the whole nest laid eggs, wild caught fish and ranch raised red meats. They are deemed ‘fit for human consumption’ and are bursting with flavor and goodness. There goes the top 10 best selling dog food brands in the world. If not for anything else, the above list will help you to treat your furry best friend/s with some seriously yummy and yet healthy foods that will not fail to create an everlasting memory and needless to increase their love for you!

So if you want to keep your dog healthy, then you should always feed your dog with these dog foods because these dog foods are healthy.

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