Top 10 Best Selling Dog Breeds In The World

There are various dog breeds that are available In market today. These breeds hail from different countries. They are differentiated mostly in physical features like size, color, amount of fur length. This article is of much importance and has been created to help you understand best dog breeds in market today. We will study about best selling dog breeds in this document. Have a good look on the list below.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Dog Breeds In The World in 2017

10. Daschund

daschund, Top 10 Best Selling Dog Breeds In The World 2017

Daschund is a popular breed of dogs that originated from Germany. Daschund has a life span of more than 10 years and is said to be friendly. With this feature, it can make a good companion and this is a good way of dealing with loneliness. This breed has short legs but its body is thin and long. People purchase Daschund with an aim of them chasing burrowing animals and badgers. Various varieties differ in physical features and are available in market.

9. Rottweiler


Rottweiler is a nice breed of a dog. It originates from German and has a competing character. Main purpose of Rott is to guard and lead cattle to their destinies as they graze around. However, sometime back, Rottweiler was used to pull carts that carried butchered meat to market place. This is to tell us that it is a large sized and strong animal. This dog makes to be many people’s pet. It has been featured in this position because of various features. Police officers use it for doing research and locating any lost item.

8. Poodle


Poodle is another excellent and most beautiful breed of dogs found in market today. You cannot miss to identify it. Poodle is covered with a lot of fur that resembles that of a sheep and is normally white in color. You may find black ones but in rare cases. This dog hails from France and is important in conducting several activities such as herding or taking care of animals, agility and tracking. Unlike other species features above, Poodle is obedient and intelligent. It can understand easily what it’s being told and obeys.

7. Yorkshire Terrier


This unique and good-looking breed hails from England at a place known as Yorkshire. It was named after its place of origin and that has remained to be its name. Terrier was used to catch rats in popular clothing industries in England. As time proceeded, people realized that it could be a good pet and companion at home. This worked that way for long time. One disadvantages of this species is that it has a short life span. This is because of being prone to diseases such as Bronchitis, Keratitis, Portosystemic shunt and cataracts. You will get terrier in market but at a very expensive price.

6. Boxer


Boxer is amongst best selling dog species in market today. It is medium sized and has short hair. This species is said to be a great predator ad can run for its prey at a high speed compared to those studied above in this list. Boxer was first found loitering in streets of one city in England. One young and lonely man decided to keep it at least for companion. He later learnt that this dog was faithful, energetic, playful and bright. They became great friends and he could send it anywhere including shops to collect required stuff.

5. Beagle


As our countdown continues, Beagle is in fifth position of this article. Beagle belongs to breed hounds. You might confuse this species with foxhound. Sometime back, hunters used it to conduct their hunting activities. It has ability to track and detect dangers. Various films have featured this breed. Some of these movies include turn around and King of the Jungle. This animal has also been featured in Paintings and comic books. Having Beagle is advantageous. It is always free from diseases and has well tempered.

4. Bulldog


Bulldog is relatively large compared to other animals featured in this list. It is characterized with its muscular and heavy body. Royal families in United States of America use Bulldog as a pet and companion in houses. This amazing animal originated from United States of America and was used for bull baiting back then. Some other features include strong jaws and massive heads. Bulldog takes a maximum of two and half years to mature into a full-grown dog. Their lifespan is approximately ten years. Bulldog is common in America and surrounding states and was named Bull after its activity of Bull baiting.

3. Golden Retriever


Golden Retriever is a well-mannered breed of dogs that is popularly known for taking part in Bollywood and Hollywood films. This means that Retriever is intelligent and bright. Its large sized body helps it to serve as a helper in disabled people. I think you should know that Golden is always faithful, pleasant, and glorious and gentle. It makes to be a good friend that one can rely on especially when loneliness gets in. Retriever is expensive and readily available in market today.

2. German Shepherd


Just from mention of its title, this breed of a dog originates from German. One of its functions is to guard homesteads and animal. Deadly animals are not able to access cattle. It has strong jaws and can easily attack intruders to death. German shepherd has erect years and is able to detect when danger arrives.

1. Labrador Retriever


Labrador retriever is the best selling dog breed in 2017 and in market today. It has been ranked in first position because of its quality features and characteristics. Most of them are whit in color. Black ones are rarely found in market. Labrador is commonly found in United Kingdom and United States of America. Retriever is good in hunting and guiding blind people.

These are best selling dog breeds in market in 2017 review. They have been listed according to its features and advantages. Various dog breed are from different countries but can be distributed according to likeness of clients all round. They are best breeds that you should have in your home.

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