Top 10 Best Selling Cat Breeds in America

A cat is a small, soft fully; carnivorous mammal that most of the time is domesticated as indoor pet. A cat has a lifespan of 15 years with a gestation period of 64-67 days. Having a cat in the house, you will be free from outside visitors like rodents or snakes. We have a variety of cat breeds for the lovers of cat pet can choose from; British Shorthair, Siamese cat, Persian cat or Maine Coon. Every cat breed has a unique and different character. Here is the list of the best selling cat breeds to consider.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Cat Breeds in America in 2017

10. Exotic Shorthair

exotic shorthair, Top 10 Best Selling Cat Breeds in America 2018

A good cat is the one to match the lifestyle of you and the family. Exotic Shorthair was close breed with Persian; they are gentle and friendly with other cats and more so dogs. This cat has shorthair as its name, suiting those who are allergic to fur. It is an active cat that is generally playfully and not like to be left alone. You can get white, black, and blue, red, cream and various patterns and shading color is medium sized cat. This healthy and long living cat, is beautiful and a good companion.

9. Abyssinian


You need to be cautious with your wall hangings, decors on top of your cupboards or stands, as Abyssinian loves climbing. This cat is small and medium size, a medium coat with less fur and the colors for this breeds are; red, blue, fawn and ruddy. Described as; busy cat highly intelligent and a curious breed that is always on the move, and destructive while idol. Despite being gorgeous, fascinating cat, Abyssinian breed is believed to be a natural athlete due to its muscular body.

8. Birman


You will never be lonely with Birman in the house; will grace your house with her soft tone. This cat needs minimal attention on its coat, but has to check its eating habit as it tends to get over-weight easily. The female of Birman can weigh up to 10 pounds, thus they range from medium to large in size. Has good temperament of being affectionate, active and very social. Its eyes are brilliant blue and almost round, expression of sweetness.

7. Persian


Need a friend for and the kids, Persian is the best option as it gets along with people, docile and plays affectionately. This cat is very beautiful and does not require a lot of glooming, only to be brushed once a week. Persian is sensitive with whom to interact, a good thing it will not be playful to your visitors, especially those who do not like cats. The size of Persian ranges from medium to large and are mostly white, blue, black, cream, chocolate and lilac in color.

6. Maine coon


This breed will continue being the top famous selling cat breeds in America even 2017. The disadvantage of this breed is that is prone to kidney diseases also develops hip dysplasia at an early age. Got its name from its capability of using its paws; to scoop up food, open doors and taking up their toys using their paws. Coon grows very heavy to weigh even 12 pounds, with high vocals ranging from meows and trills to chirps and cheeps.

5. Oriental


Oriental is a healthy breed living for more than 15 years. Oriental is known to be friendly with one individual and finds anything to please them. This cat is a sleek, elegant with large flaring ears and almond shaped eyes. Its coat have long, silky fine hair, ranging from small to medium and their colors are either blue, red and white, cinnamon plus various patterns and shadings. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Selling Cat Breeds in America 2017.

4. Ragdoll


Ragdoll is one of the most famous breeds in America. Some of their interesting characters include joining the owner in the shower, running tub and while watering your flowers. They love water so much. Ragdoll is large breed with semi long, plush silky coat and varieties of colors. It is a quiet cat, affectionate, playful and easygoing type of a cat. Ragdoll is friendly to the family and easy to train starting with giving it a name then taught to fetch and come when called.

3. Siamese


This breed is known to its quietness, giving a lot of affection to individual of its choice. Siamese is very social getting along with children above six years of age, other cats but have never been friends with dogs. No much fur on your coaches or pillow, as the coat of this cat is short, fine and glossy. This energetic and loving cat is a medium one, found in chocolate, blue point and lilac point in color. Siamese is a very intelligent type of a cat, meaning it is very easy to train.

2. American Shorthair


This cat have been rated as the most and best selling cat breeds in America in the year 2017. Have a character of socializing with everyone in the family plus other pets in the compound. Despite being gentle and loving pet, you will enjoy its company for a very long time; have a lifespan of twenty years. Ranges from; medium to large with the male weighing 11-15 pounds and its coat is short. American Shorthair is very quiet, calm and its colors can be; white, black, blue, cream, silver and various patterns and shades.

1. Sphynx


The reason behind this breed topping the list of the best selling cat breeds is the feature of lacking fur in its coat. Many people around the world have allergy with cat fur especially young children. With Sphynx you say good bye to fur on your coaches, bed and car seat, offering minimal glooming this breed. It is very loyal and lively, having a medium size and their color varieties are; white, blue, chocolate, lavender and cinnamon.

These above are the Top 10 Best Selling Cat Breeds in America 2017. To chose the kind of breed you want always consider; is it playful, energetic and friendly. The above list will help you choose the taste of cat pet, whether based on looks or size, there is a breed for everyone.

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