Top 10 Best Kids Friendly Cat Breeds in The World

Kids always bugs their parent to buy them a pet, however you have to consider benefits of owning a cat. Some may demand your attention; others can also fend on themselves. Only thing you have to do is provide them with sufficient water, food, and a clean litter box. You will find other breeds that do better in family circumstances than others. These are top ten best and most kids friendly cat breeds you can choose from for your kids pet.

List of Top 10 Best Kids Friendly Cat Breeds in The World in 2017

10. American Shorthair

american shorthair, Top 10 Best Kids Friendly Cat Breeds in The World 2017

American shorthair is attractive and loving cat breed you can find around. They were the first recorded breeds to be kept in homes. Their shape is vigorous and fit with round and large eyes and wide face; ears are space everywhere apart on head and round at tips. This breed has a model tabby pattern of silver, red, brown or orange. Active moderation is high and it is extremely friendly and social. It is an addictive pet, you can stay with it all the time, and it’s also dog friendly. By taking care, you should groom them once or twice to remove any fur loose.

9. Bombay

bombay, Top 10 Best Kids Friendly Cat Breeds in The World 2018

These adorable pets are known for their intelligent and mischievous behaviors. They are easy to train to walk with you on a rope and very fun for kids and you to take for an evening walks. Its favorite game is fetch and amusement they get from crafting new ways to amuse themselves. Bombay is a perfect match for families with busy lifestyle and get along with kids and grandparents. It is very fun when watching them play. The only problem is when a young kid becomes too rough with them.

8. Devon Rex


This type of cat is very independent which makes them perfect fit for busy scheduled families. It is very affectionate and always showers their families with attention and love. Kids tend to be happy when they are around them. They love to cuddle under covers with children when is time for bed. Its features are broader face, slim body, egg-shaped head and long thin legs. Eyes are oval and they have erect and large ears. Its’ naturally curved back makes people think that it is going to jump any time. Devon Rex is covered with short hair, which does not protect it from cold or sun, so it is your responsibility to keep it indoor.

7. Maine Coon


Maine Coon is well known for its big size almost that of a small dog. Beside them being big, they also friendly, intelligent and loving. They are used as therapy cats and many people seek them for companionship. It is a long hairy breed and is famous for its moussing capabilities. Slow to mature physically and can take three to four years. They have strong figure with body shaped rectangular, triangular head, and wide-set eyes. Have variety of patterns and colors such as chocolate, lilac and Siamese point patterns. They are very good for both kids and other pets.

6. Ragamuffins


It has a calm and patient temperament, and loves to play with young kids. They are referred as ‘sweet cat’ for their incredible pleasure in pleasing their owner. This gorgeous cat has expressive eyes, soft coat and absurd colors. Whenever you have it has a pet you’ll definitely feel luxurious. It has a great personality and is very sweet. You will form a strong bond with it and they are wonderful with children. They Ragamuffin name because of the behavior of limping on peoples arms.

5. Manx


Manx is extremely social and friendly breed that makes a loving and devoted companion. They appear to have sense of humor and cooperating love play. Manx cats get along well with family pets and children. Has reputation of acting as family protector. Loves to play chase laser pointers and they are great hunter of mice and birds. Have similar qualities dogs. Most of them have no tail, but some have short stubs only. Their body and face are rounded with long legs. Other features include short spine, long back legs that tells a story of it being offspring of cat and rabbit. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Kids Friendly Cat Breeds in The World 2017.

4. Havana Brown


Their features includes wedge-shaped head, large and round-tipped ears, medium short size and have brown coat from feet to sideburns. It also has charming green eyes. Havana Brown cats are very warm, brainy and alert. They love interaction and companionship but most of them display mischievous streak. Muzzle looks makes people describes it has end of cob and corn.

3. Burmese


These breed are playful, intelligent and fearless. Makes an excellent companion and kids enjoy being around them. Have curiosity that is mistaken to be mischief because they will often try to feats beyond they capability. Burmese portrays same qualities with a dog as it will sit outside the door waiting for you to come back. In addition, they follow their owners around asking for attention and wanting to play with them.

2. Birman


Birman cats are medium in size and silky, have sparse undercoat. It is easy to handle and modest breed. Referred often as an extremely sweet-natured cat and loves to be around people. They are toughened, patient and makes outstanding family pet. Their character is gentle and they love being held and attention. They have lilac, seal, chocolate and blue coat with white traditionally feet. You should bath and brush them occasionally even thro they groom themselves.

1. American Curl


It is best known for its graceful arc and expression of their ears. Easily adapt to other families and can become caring and faithful mate. This breed enjoys following you around the house and getting involved in whatever you are doing. American Curl is slight erected and well-proportioned cat. Have soft and silkily coat with no undercoat and you can find it in various colors and short and long hair. Its ears are large with wide-open base that curls at ends.

These are the Top 10 Best Kids Friendly Cat Breeds in The World 2017. When buying a cat you have to consider if it will be a good match for your children. Different breeds show different personalities and you will not find all of them kid friendly. Above list will help you make the right decision for your child.

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