Top 10 Best Dog Breeds to Join Your Family

Any of these dogs are very good to have for the family. They are loving and friendly. Some will risk their lives if you are in danger so you or the family does not get hurt. Great to play games with and will do what you say if trained correctly. Be very careful not to forget to give them their baths and brush their fur because it will get knotted very easily. Brush it at least once a day or every other day. Some do not have to be taken care of like this but most have fluffy fur that needs to stay shiny. Give them certain dog food and their fur will stay healthy and smooth.

List of Top 10 Best Dog Breeds to Join Your Family in 2017

10. Lab

lab, Top 10 Best Dog Breeds to Join Your Family 2017

These dogs are good to have because they love to play with you and they are lovable. They love to be outside and they please people. They live more for their family rather than themselves. The only downside to owning one of these dogs is because they are hard to train. They also love chewing on everything. They will chew the furniture and anything that they see lying around the house. But they do get big and they live a long life. They are from Newfoundland.

9. Collie

collie, Top 10 Best Dog Breeds to Join Your Family 2017

These kinds of dogs are great because they are very friendly and that makes it easier for people with kids. Their fur is very long and very beautiful. If you get one of these dogs be ready to brush them all the time and when you give them baths they will cause a big mess. Very loyal to keep around because they will stay connected to the family. They are very smart and if danger is near they will warn you about it. This dog is a herding breed so they will crowd you so get ready for it. If you ever watched the movie with the dog Lassie then you will know what they look like.

8. Poodle

poodle, Top 10 Best Dog Breeds to Join Your Family 2018

Their fur is really fluffy and they will need to be taken care of very well. This dog is very smart like some of the other ones. If you just want a small dog then you can get one that does not grow that big but you can also get them in bigger breeds. Three different sizes has you wanting just the right size. Only thing that is not great is the fact that you have to take care of their fur a lot more than other dogs because it is so fluffy. They love to swim so they will love taking baths. Their name are from Germany. The word Pfudel means puddle or splash.

7. English Bulldog


This cute little puppy is adorable and they have wrinkles all over their bodies. They are medium sized and they have low energy because they have a short snout and they have really short legs plus they have dense bodies. You do not have to take care of their coats as much as ones with a lot of fur. They love laying around and playing with kids. If you get one you will see that they are very stubborn and drool a lot. When they sleep they snore so if you do not want to hear that all night go with a different dog. Before eighteen thirty five they was used as bull baiters. It was outlawed after that year.

6. Golden Retriever


These dogs love to jump around and run because of how athletic they are. They will protect their families with all they have and love them till the end. They are very fast learners and very smart. They will help you do anything they know how to do. If you love playing fetch with your dog this is a great dog to have. Only thing that will get aggravating will be that they get distracted and if not trained correctly they can be very stubborn. You have to take care of their coats so they do not get knotted up. They are used for guide dogs or for therapy dogs. They are very good at searching for things. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Dog Breeds to Join Your Family 2017.

5. Boxer


Their fur is short so the maintenance will be quick and easy for you. The demeanor of these dogs is gentle and their cute faces are so expressive. The best qualities of them is they are very alert plus the beauties are going to be loyal to you and your very. The observant nature of them is the reason they are good for guard dogs. With how energetic and loving these ones are, if you have kids then outside play time is going to be so much fun. The downside is if the dog gets bored he or she is going to be a little devious and mess something up. The name came from the sport of boxing because when they stand up on the back legs, they will usually swat their front legs at the object in front of them which reminds people of a boxer in a ring.

4. Irish Setter


These dogs love life and are more excited about spending time with their families. They are flexible to change, great with children, and these ones are eager to know what is going on around them. Their fur is shiny and so soft. They also like to be the one getting all the attention from everyone. Like to be playing and running outside, gives trust to their family easily, have a kindness in them. Great for families that are very active. If you are not energetic then one of these will not be good for you since they do require a ton of exercise so they will not get aggravated or destructive.

3. Vizsla


They act like a cat does with the hygiene because their toes are long so they usually will lick themselves until they are clean. The best thing about this breed is that they are considered an odorless breed because they do not smell like normal dogs. Their energy levels are always very high and they want to run around a lot. If you have children that are younger than seven years old you should keep a close eye on the situation since the dog could hurt them on accident.

2. German Shepherd


They end up with more health problems than all the other types of dogs out there. Prone to getting hip dysplasia and a lot of other major health issues. Originally the breed was meant for being a herding dog and as military or police dogs. This is why they are perfect as a family dog because of their watchful nature. Very smart animals and will be perfect around your children.

1. Portuguese Water Dog


Spanish Armada used these dogs to send messages between boats since they were made for water. You are not ever going to find another breed that loves water like these ones do. They like to play and are obedient. Get along great with babies and older children. The bond they get with their families is strong and they are definitely lap dogs because they enjoy attention so much.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best Dog Breeds to Join Your Family in 2017. All of these are more happy when living in a loving home with a big family that will give them all the attention they want. Perfect companions for anyone and are going to be very affectionate and keep all of you safe from harm the best way they know how.

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